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Well, Kiss The Next Hour Or So Goodbye...

Oh, great.

Today I will post my endorsement for president, and it turns out that Bill Whittle has posted another essay.

Forty Second Boyd And The Big Picture did the impossible: it blew my mind repeatedly. Just as soon as I finished scraping pieces of my skull off the walls and superglued it back together, he'd do it all over again.

My only consolation is that Bill Whittle is SLOW. If he published more frequently, I wouldn't bother ever writing anything besides "why aren't you reading Bill Whittle?" and linking to him.

So go on over and give it a read. Make sure you set aside a good chunk of time to properly digest what The Master has to say.

And, if you can pull yourself away, come back here around 11:00 a.m. EST and see who I'm going to vote for next Tuesday.



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Comments (10)

If I wasn't a married woman... (Below threshold)

If I wasn't a married woman, I'd be batting my eyelashes furiously at Bill :) He has a beautiful mind.

Couldn't decide whether to ... (Below threshold)

Couldn't decide whether to wear my desert or my flight boots after reading that one.

Great essay. Hope Fred and John read it and make it something to tear up Mitt and Jules with.

I thought you were joking a... (Below threshold)
Al in St. Lou:

I thought you were joking about not writing if Bill wrote more often. Then I clicked the link and read his stuff. How do we get more people to read his stuff?

Just curious. Why do you s... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Just curious. Why do you say 'hour"? You read slow or something?

By the way, cool ref to the... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

By the way, cool ref to the Veep, huh?

DJ, you shallow git. One do... (Below threshold)

DJ, you shallow git. One does NOT rush through a Whittle essay. One pores over it, pausing to reflect after each and every brilliant paragraph.

Plus, you gotta factor in the time you spend on hold to the suicide hotline when you finally admit that you will never write anything as well as he does...


"DJ, you shallow git."... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

"DJ, you shallow git."

Hey, why are you quoting lines from my wife at our wedding?

John Boyd, about whom Bill ... (Below threshold)

John Boyd, about whom Bill writes, is a fascinating character who rightfully has a devoted following by a small group of desciples both in and outside military circles because of his single-minded willingness to cut through the fog of war and articulate its essence.

It is heartening to see guys like Petraeus apply Boyd's brilliant insights to the present conflict with gratifying results.

Bill has, in his wonderfully patient yet highly evocative style, captured how Boyd has posthumously won the battle for the hearts and minds of the Pentagon and the White House.

This is a "must read".

A small correction: one doe... (Below threshold)

A small correction: one does not rush through a Whittle essay unless the subject is something one figured out for oneself long ago after grokking the history of the Pacific War and seeing how the competing commanders therein fell almost by accident into the exact winning strategy that Bill describes. For me, the only surprising thing about this article was the discovery that it's not S.O.P. for the modern American military.

Bill is the Mark Twain of o... (Below threshold)

Bill is the Mark Twain of our time. He is, quite simply, the best writer of our generation.

In a fair world, he would be lionized by the press. Instead, the media slobbers over the obits of the odious Arthur Miller and the even more useless Norman Mailer. The world is not fair.

But when I read Bill Whittle, I think that someday it will be. What a man!






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