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Britney Loses It

You might believe that the Iowa caucuses were the big story of the day yesterday, but you'd be wrong...

The big story was that Britney Spears was removed from her own house on a stretcher after a 3 hour stand-off with police and ex-husband K-Fed.


Wizbang Pop! has the rest of the details.


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The big ignored story was K... (Below threshold)

The big ignored story was Kay Bailey Hutchinson and the rest of the sock puppets defunding 156 miles of double walled boarder fencing..Britney Spears I fear is not long for this life.

Spears is suffering from El... (Below threshold)

Spears is suffering from Elvis Presley syndrome. No one can say no to her.

What Would Ron Pau... (Below threshold)

What Would Ron Paul Do

One small point... wouldn't... (Below threshold)

One small point... wouldn't you had to have "had it" to have lost it?

And that goes for her current status and her alleged talent level.

Shouldn't this be sourced (... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

Shouldn't this be sourced (with links)? Not too long ago, Jay Tea harshly criticized Perez Hilton for parroting stuff on his own site that he had picked up elsewhere, without providing links back to the source. Here, you have uncredited pictures and reporting with not only no links, but not even a mention of the source for the info. The same is true of the post at Wizbang Pop.

I would argue that this is a more egregious example, as it appears you lifted someone else's work by putting up the pictures without credit.

The girl needs some serious... (Below threshold)

The girl needs some serious help....she is certainly strapped to the gurney, which they only do when they think a person is a danger to themselves or others. She is sick...she needs help. As does most all the little cretins around her.....






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