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U.S.S. New Hampshire

So, on the media/Democrat side it's a grudge match in the Granite State between Clinton and Obama.

On the Republican side it's wide open but obviously McCain and Romney are the front-runners in that particular state.

If I were a betting man -- which of course I am -- I'd say:

GOP: 1. McCain. 2. Romney. 3. Huckabee. 4. Etc.
MediaCrats: 1. Clinton. 2. Obama. 3. Misc.

What's your take, Dennis Kucinich?


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I saw Dennis Kucinich live ... (Below threshold)

I saw Dennis Kucinich live on Cspan earlier giving a speech in New Hampshire. He was bouncing up and down waving back and forth shouting. It reminded me of those newsreels of Hitler, it was eerie.

Kellyann Conway on HC (toni... (Below threshold)

Kellyann Conway on HC (tonight) said Obama can't win in NH because there are only five blacks living in the state.

Way to go conservatives.

You can't discount the effe... (Below threshold)

You can't discount the effect of the Free State crowd who are no doubt going to give Ron Paul a boost. They may be a small segment of the population, but they are by definition highly politically involved and they will be at the polls in force. I wouldn't be surprised to see Paul do well in NH. Which will make the Paulnuts even more insufferable.

I grinned from ear to ear w... (Below threshold)

I grinned from ear to ear when HRC placed third yesterday....HOWEVER....Obama worries me somewhat....that he might actually win NH, SC, the nom and win the oval office. For a year I've been pretty convinced about HRC winning, but now I sense she's experiencing the beginning of her end. I'm not convinced that we have a candidate who can beat Obama, with Thompson and Guiliani (who I believe could) sliding out the door.

Baghdad barney - "Way t... (Below threshold)

Baghdad barney - "Way to go conservatives."

You mean Kellyanne Conway, the president of The Polling Company?

Could it be based on research her outfit has done she might, just might have a point? Not that you'd EVER admit to that. But there it is.

(Shrug)According t... (Below threshold)


According to Wikipedia (citing U.S. Census data), if you do the math, there were about 17,000 blacks living in New Hampshire as of 2005 (1.27%), out of a total population of roughly 1.3 million. It's possibly up to maybe 18,000 by now, give or take.

At the same time, we have about 1.27 million white people, counting me. (96.97%)

Doesn't matter, really. The number of Obama signs I've seen around the state constitute a far healthier percentage than 1.27% of the total number of signs.

There are plenty of reasons to like and dislike Obama that are NOT based on his race. Or races. We aren't going to pay much attention to the Hillary surrogates running around smearing him, either.

Just remember one thing: "Iowa picks corn. New Hampshire picks presidents."







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