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Refugees Return to Iraq

Nearly 50,000 Iraqi refugees returned home from Syria in the final 3 1/2 months of 2007.

Hang on a second. Refugees are returning to Iraq??!!

Oh, right:

[A] new report [from relief workers] said the decrease in violence that followed the buildup of American troops over the past year had been a major factor in the return of refugees. 'In Iraq, the security situation improved as a result of law enforcement,' it said. 'Consequently, a significant number of Externally Displaced families returned to Iraq starting mid September.'

Go figure.

Here's an interesting question that should not be taken as Monday-morning quarterbacking (that's not my intention; read all the way to the bottom of the post):

What do you suppose the situation in Iraq would look like today if the surge would have been authorized a year earlier?

Yeah, agreed. So, here's the next set of questions:

What will the situation in Iraq look like in January 2009? How utterly ironic would it be if after all the rage and frothing and nitpicking and second-guessing -- on the left and the right -- Bush exits with his mission accomplished?


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Wadda ya wanna bet, if (hea... (Below threshold)

Wadda ya wanna bet, if (heaven forbid) Hillary wins the election, she takes credit for the stable situation, just like her husband took credit for the recession recovery shortly after he took office.

It would almost have symetry. A Clinton taking credit for the work done by a Bush.

Damn. No reference applicab... (Below threshold)

Damn. No reference applicable to Hooverville.

When Most people in a poll ... (Below threshold)

When Most people in a poll say the are doing fine economically, but most people believe the economy is bad, its pretty clear people believe what the media tells them.

They will tell them a Democrat brought stability to Iraq.

Only if we could get the me... (Below threshold)
Rovin Author Profile Page:

Only if we could get the media to tell democrats that lowering taxes actually helps the economy AND a stable Iraq will do the same.

I suspect Iraq will work ou... (Below threshold)

I suspect Iraq will work out now, and that the Dems. will march off to some other 'crisis" to prostrate themselves about in their usual way--global warming/cooling, hate crimes legislation, international trade, etc.

Actually I don't think the ... (Below threshold)

Actually I don't think the surge would have worked earlier. The Sunnis needed time (and yes, having al Qaeda slaughter many of them) to come to the realization that the U.S. is the right side.

By the way Jayson, any plans for another Vegas party? :)

Heh. I seem to recall the u... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Heh. I seem to recall the usual BDS trolls that haunt Wizbang specifically changing the subject to 'If Iraq is so perfect, why have so many fled and why haven't they come back yet!' whenever there was good news out of Iraq.

Wonder what they will use to hijack this thread?

Oh well. This is good news all Americans should celebrate.

Some have fled because they... (Below threshold)

Some have fled because they've learned that it's easier to rationally debate their children than the village idiots. I can't speak for the others.

What do you suppose the ... (Below threshold)

What do you suppose the situation in Iraq would look like today if the surge would have been authorized a year earlier?

Far different from how it looks today.

A year earlier the various Iraqi factions were still supporting their own terrorists while blaming the US for everything. Weren't you reading Milblogs? They were getting pissed off at the Iraqis for whining at them about everything and then not helping or even hiding and looking the other way for their own terrorists. Think of the support for that al Sadr thug. After he split for Iran when the going got tough before the Surge started, that highlighted to the Iraqis that they were really just a battleground between Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia on one side against the US and the Iraqis themselves on the other.
And, the Iraqi Army was not quite ready so the stage wasn't set. Just because a stragety works at one time doesn't mean it would have worked at another time.
A big part of what made The Surge work was that the Iraqi people helped and trusted the US. Without that the terrorist would still have been little fish swimming in the sea of the populace. Now? The Iraqis have realized that the US is their friend and the terrorists, even their own brand, are just trying to be the next dictator de jour.

As for January 09, who knows? I would love to see Bush leave office under a huge "Mission Accomplished" sign while wiping his ass on a NY Times. But that's me.

"Hang on a second. Refugees... (Below threshold)

"Hang on a second. Refugees are returning to Iraq??!" -- Jayson

Hang on a second once more. A conservative finally acknowledging that Bush's Trillion-Dollar Pet Project in Iraq created refugees??? Wow!! And that's 50,000 out of how many millions of Iraqi refugees, Jayson?

Millions of refugees?!?! I... (Below threshold)

Millions of refugees?!?! Iraq's whole population is 26.7 million. (according to wiki).

Millions implies more than 1, so we'll call it 2 million. 1 out of every 13 (or so) people left Iraq)?!?! How did THAT go unreported?

Yer a friggen moron dude.

watch the media cover up al... (Below threshold)

watch the media cover up all good news from Iraq until a democrat gets the white house

Ray Robison is the author of Both In One Trench: Saddam's Secret Terror Documents


Exsubnuke,It has b... (Below threshold)


It has been reported.


The total is 2 million displaced inside of Iraq, another 2 million outside of Iraq.

as to the 50,000 returning is that a good sign or people choosing to return home because being displaced in a land not your own without much hope for a future. Home is a mess and dangerous but its familar where as syria or jordan aren't.

I think there are few of us at Wizbang, readers or authors, who'd want to live 24/7 in Iraq right now. My and the experiences of my loved ones during the time of Philippine coup attempts, give me a tiny bit of perspective on the matter. Most people don't want to live in circumstances where you and your loved ones can die a violent death for nothing more than going about your daily activities. It is kind of stressful.

You're quoting the UN High... (Below threshold)

You're quoting the UN High Commissioner for Refugees? Bwahahahaha!!!! Why not just quote al Qaeda for your information?

Capitalist infidel writes-<... (Below threshold)

Capitalist infidel writes-

You're quoting the UN High Commissioner for Refugees? Bwahahahaha!!!! Why not just quote al Qaeda for your information?

And Jayson's article quotes an article from MSNBC. Isn't that the network home to Keith Olberman and affiliated with NBC which is regularly accused of anti-Iraq bias?

Then Jayson's source is as unreliable as mine I guess.

Dude, were you born stupid ... (Below threshold)

Dude, were you born stupid or were you in an accident that made you that way? The article is from the Washington Post.

Good Lord Jayson, you've got trolls here that are even more intellectually challenged than those from Polipundit.

Herman - "Hang on a sec... (Below threshold)

Herman - "Hang on a second once more. A conservative finally acknowledging that Bush's Trillion-Dollar Pet Project in Iraq created refugees??? "

Got an example herman? Surely you have a linked to quote of a conservative stating in plain language a denial some Iraqis became refugees?

Okay, Marc, you asked for i... (Below threshold)

Okay, Marc, you asked for it. I wrote of no "denial" (that's your word), I wrote wondering if an acknowledgment had taken place. So let's consider some prominent conservatives and their response to this issue, okay Marc?

You conservatives elected to invade Iraq in March 2003. Keep that date in mind. When (if ever) and how often did Dick Cheney speak of current Iraqi refugees in a speech? How about Rush Limbaugh in all his ramblings? Ann Coulter? Bill O'Reilly? Congressional Republicans?

Think about Bush's speeches. Any reference to "Iraqi refugees" in all those speeches? If so, when and how often? Once every 400 speeches??

When was the last time you Marc ever discussed Iraqi refugees with anyone??? Maybe never? Do you find the topic not quite as important as say, issues relating to keeping your taxes down or denying gay people the right to marry?

Four million displaced Iraqis Marc, as a result of the war you love. When your teddy bear couldn't help, your war made you feel safer, didn't it, Marc? But I kind of have this sneaky suspicion that the war didn't quite make those four million people feel safer, what say you, Marc?






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