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We're several months away from hearing the actual Vice Presidential picks, but why not look ahead?


GOP Prez nominees traditionally make horrible mistakes with their Veep selections. They tend to pick people who bring nothing whatsoever to the ticket in the way of demographics or electoral tactics or strategies. This year, however, there are two potential Veep picks out there who are such obvious no-brainers you'd have to be Karl Rove not to figure it out.

1. Florida Governor Charlie Crist

Gov. Crist has won three major elections in 27-electoral-vote Florida over the past several years. He's telegenic and conservative to boot. Did I mention Florida? (If Florida is not legitimately in play what would be the *real odds* -- not media or academia-based fantasy -- of the MediaDemocrat ticket winning the Electoral College?)

2. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty

Gov. Pawlenty is a re-elected CEO of an important swing state with a material number of electoral votes. A state which borders another swing state with a material number of electoral votes and similar politics to boot. (People might already have forgotten, but President Bush came within several thousand fraudulent Democrat ballots from winning Wisconsin not once but twice). There's also the reality the GOP is conducting its nominating convention in Pawlenty's home state. Flip MN and WI to the "red" column, and assuming the status quo elsewhere, and non-voting conservatives could throw away Ohio without affecting the outcome.

Pawlenty is young and very telegenic and he's got those Mid-Western populist - libertarian - conservative - moderate viewpoints, which appeal to large numbers of adults who vote in partisan elections. It's a no-brainer.


Unlike the inept GOP you don't have to explain to a Democrat that it makes no sense to pick people who haven't ever won a statewide election, or who've been out of circulation for years and years, or who can't spell potatoes to save their tomatoes. Every Democrat Veep choice over the past three decades has been designed to bring something to the ticket as far as demographics (Ferraro, Lieberman), geography (Mondale, Bentsen, Edwards), or fundraising and political muscle (Gore). It hasn't worked out for them too often, but, still, at least they understand that you need to try to win and that "losing with dignity" means you lost.

The $64,000 question, of course, is who'll get the nod.

If Hillary goes on to win the nomination she'll want someone who's loyal, who won't outshine her, who hails from an important area of the country and who brings something to the ticket in the way of demographics.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson fits all those bills.

One thing's for certain, however: Hillary's Veep choice won't be Oprah.

In the event Obama goes on to win the nomination he too will want someone who brings something to the table in the way of demographics, geography or money and political muscle. Plus Obama looks like he still should be in grad school, so he'll want someone with a modicum of actual experience and a touch of gravitas (whether real or by perception). There's also the reality of the reverse gender gap, i.e., severe Democrat weakness with male general election voters -- especially those who work for a living in the private sectors.

I thought long and hard about this one. And I hate even to say it, because the guy gives me the creeps. But Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell would be a pretty good strategic Veep choice for Obama. Another viable choice would be Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine. Yes, that would hand over a governorship to the GOP (Virginia's Lt. Gov. is a Republican), but winning the presidency is 1,000,000 times more important than a lone statehouse.

Obama also could choose Richardson, but I seriously doubt he'd want a Clintonista anywhere near the Oval Office.

So, ergo:

GOP: Either Crist or Pawlenty should be the pick.
Democrats: Richardson (Hillary) or Rendell/Kaine (Obama) should get the nod.


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Comments (18)

More than a few Republicans... (Below threshold)

More than a few Republicans don't find Crist all that conservative. I think Pawlenty has a real shot if McCain is the nominee. A Romney might try and pick up Fred Thompson or a southern Governor from S.C. or GA. Same goes for Rudy.

on the Dem side, look for Evan Bayh to be the guy for Hillary. Obama, might go for the experience of a Biden.

Actually Florida can be taken out and the Dem's win. Bush won both and narrowly won the E.C. Ohio has shifted to a deep purple state and could easily go Dem in the election, that happens its all over. Unless, a GOP person can swing Wisconsin or Minnesota. That doesn't include the Republican problems with Colorado and Nevada.

I hate harsh your mellow, b... (Below threshold) I am a Floridian who did vo... (Below threshold)

I am a Floridian who did vote for Crist with little enthusiasm. He has not disappointed. His fascination with global warming and his recent push to expand gambling with the tribes are not popular among the conservative crowd. He also promised to support a marriage amendment during voting season. The signatures were gathered and it is going on the ballot. He now says that it is not a priority to him. Always look at someone's past record to determine their real priorities. They will promise anything during election season.

Crist isn't going to be VP.... (Below threshold)

Crist isn't going to be VP. I've addressed this multiple times. One of Charlie's problems, and it don't bother me but it would be an issue at least with the press, is the rumors that he's gay.

A politician's sexual orientation don't bother me as long as they do it in private with a consenting adult. I supported Mark Foley for years, Dear wife knew his parents(They used to be parishoners at our church. My wife is the receptionist there.). Of course the media will play up the rumors and how can the religious conservatives support such a politician.

Crist failed to pass the bar exam once or twice. Do I hear Dan quayle part two?

Less than 2 years as governor, He was AG before that. Is that really a strong enough resume?

Not to mention his contrary views on global warming and a half dozen other issues. Alot of Republicans will call Crist a Rino. I dislike the term(I'd be called a Dino myself), as if all Republicans need to believe the same Holy grail without exception.

I voted for Crist in November 06. In spite of a Knucklehead award and my occasional making fun of him(Only a Florida governor would appoint an overweight football player to chair a committee on studying obesity! What's next, Twiggy to study why models are too thin?)I like Charlie. But VP in 2008? No.


Marie,Florida alre... (Below threshold)


Florida already has laws not allowing gay marriage. What is the use of a constituional ammendment?


Charlie Crist is no conserv... (Below threshold)

Charlie Crist is no conservative and if anything walks the same populist dogma as Huckabee. He could have potentially bankrupted Florida with his ridiculous over-use of Citizens Insurance (a state run insurance pool) by allowing it become competitive against home insurers. Fortunately for 'Chain Gang' Charlie Florida did not suffer from hurricanes but never fear Crist supporters he brought out his Elliot Spitzer side when attempted to rake insurance companies over the coals. First you allow a psuedo insurance company (Citizens) to compete then you use your legal power to go after the competition. Also couple this with the massive amount of campaign contributions he received from the insurance industry when he was on the campaign trail.

Then he decided to play around with property taxes that could have serious blowback with other counties. He is also interested in climate control legislation and a host of other iniatives that scream 'far from conservative'.

Hey let's get Chain Gang Charlie as a VP, at least Florida wont have to deal with him. Yes I did vote for Crist because the Dems provided us with trial lawyer dung as an alternative. Charlie was just a pure politicians. Thus it became one of the two less evils.

I will throw in my 2 cents ... (Below threshold)

I will throw in my 2 cents on Pawlenty. He is a reliable conservative who has thrown a couple nonessential bones to the Dems, who have controlled state politics here in MN forever. He is a great communicator, likable, and knows his stuff. If he were just a little older he could have knocked Huckabee out, as an evangelical with a clue and enough discretion to not bring it up most of the time.

Well Pawlenty seems to be s... (Below threshold)

Well Pawlenty seems to be siding with the nutty Jim Doyle here in WI when it comes to global warming. I REALLY wish Republicans would show some backbone on this issue and actually look into the bad science of it. That add actually say we need to drill for our own oil too and stand up to the environmental kooks. That would be impressive.

I've heard people talking a... (Below threshold)

I've heard people talking about Gov. Sarah Palin from Alaska as a potential Veep. She seems to have some pretty solid credentials. The only downside is that she's from Alaska, as near as I can tell anyway.

I'm with you on that, Steve... (Below threshold)

I'm with you on that, Steve, but it's a small price to pay. Pawlenty has thwarted the Dems at almost every turn, and has kept MN from going off the deep end. If A Dem wins the White House in November, he could look very good for 2012.

Guess I figured that the re... (Below threshold)
Uncle pinky:

Guess I figured that the reason Mark Warner was lying in the weeds was that he'd been promised Hillary's Veep spot. You know, let everyone get edgy about who it'll be and then Ta-Dah ... heeeere's Mark-y! I can't really see him taking a back seat to Obama or Edwards.

"He's telegenic and conserv... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

"He's telegenic and conservative to boot."

That is the most misguided sentence I've ever read on this site. Crist is anything but conservative and is even failing on all his tax initiatives.

Boy, I don't know about Ren... (Below threshold)

Boy, I don't know about Rendell. He caved on the Bush/Gore recount and I was pretty sure that would eliminate him, like, forever on any other national party appointment. But maybe you're right. Outside of Philly I am not sure PA is having a love affair with Ed.

Bill,I guess the g... (Below threshold)


I guess the goal of a marriage amendment is to strengthen the position. We all know judges in many states are attacking marriage laws. The point is not whether we need an amendment. It is that Crist promised his support during election period then changed his priorities after his election.


Mr. Javitz, your choices fo... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Mr. Javitz, your choices for Republican VP picks are "no-brainers", but not in the way you mean it. You'd have to have no brain to choose 2 pretty lousy RINOs. Crist is one of the worst RINO Governors in the US, right behind Ah-nold in CA (who thankfully is barred from running for President). His top priority included giving felons the right to vote. He also is a potential McGreevey with his questionable orientation. As is pointed out, he simply is not a Conservative and outright misrepresented himself as one.

As for Pawlenty, he has also been a serious disappointment in MN. As was pointed out, he is subscribing to the global warming hucksterism and hasn't shown much concern for standing up to the Democrats on reducing government and taxes. He also brings nothing to the ticket, as he only barely won reelection and would not carry MN for the GOP. They haven't voted Republican for President in 36 years.

Two "real" no brainers for VP (who really should've run for President) are clearly our 2 best Governors in the United States. SC Gov. Mark Sanford and MS Gov. Haley Barbour. They are proven Conservatives with excellent records. Sanford is unequaled in cutting wasteful spending and isn't afraid to touch sacred cows.

Exposer,How many m... (Below threshold)


How many members are there in your 100% club? I actually live in MN and have seen Pawlenty hold the line against the Dems, especially on taxes. Calling him a RINO would be like calling Hillary a DINO.

Marie,My second po... (Below threshold)


My second point

The legalization Gay marriage by judicial fiat or the five-fold or more increase in homeowner's insurance. Which concerns Floridians more?

Gay marriage is trivial in the bigger picture of issues need concern themselves with.

Marie-I would say th... (Below threshold)

I would say the Florida voters would consider gay marriage over home insurance. Here is why-

Legalization of gay marriage would set a precedence.

Knowing more than most about insurance costs, I can assure you that you will see home insurance drop. This has nothing to do with Crist but rather Florida has had several large and small home insurers enter the state of Florida. If Crist enjoys being to boss the insurance companies around and potentially driving out the large companies (State Farm, Allstate, etc) they are embracing more competitors. The free market always corrects itself, maybe not on your schedule or mine but it works. More competitors, lower costs. You will see happen soon enough.






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