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Wyoming's Republican Party held a caucus on Saturday and dished out 12 delegates.

The results:

1. Romney -- 8 delegates
2. Thompson - 2 delegates

One delegate still was to be allocated as of this posting; plus Duncan Hunter received one delegate.

Here's a link to a report on Romney's victory from the Associated Press.


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Woot! for Hunter. ... (Below threshold)

Woot! for Hunter.

When only one candidate set... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

When only one candidate sets foot in a state, it's not exactly big news when they win.

I believe the final numbers... (Below threshold)

I believe the final numbers in Wyoming are
Romney 8
Thompson 2
Hunter 1
McCain 1

Romney Thompson or Thompson... (Below threshold)

Romney Thompson or Thompson Romney, theres the winning ticket.

The cowboy and bucking bron... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

The cowboy and bucking bronco on WYOMINGS licens plates realy bugs the jerks from PETA i mean in their dope induced minds they want a dumb liberal symbol like a little piggie with a ribbon around its neck surrounded by little red hearts and PETA even wanted the GREEN BAY PACKERS to change their names to PICKERS huummpphh ONLY A JERK HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH PETA ITS THE MOST STUPID GROUP AROUND






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