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Brilliant and insightful debate analysis

Wizbang readers want debate analysis that is brilliant, insightful, and concise.

Unfortunately, we didn't budget for that, so you get me. Over at Politics, I offer commentary on the Republican and Democratic debates. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back.


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My idea of the perfect (sto... (Below threshold)

My idea of the perfect (storm?) outcome of the Dem primary:

Obama wins through South Carolina, and has tremendous momentum going forward. Hillary brings out the long knives (weilded by others, of course), gets down and dirty, and with a full-court press, squeaks by to get the nomination.

Disgruntled Obama supporters, knowing the dirty tactics employed by the Hillery campaign bumped their guy, refuse to vote for her and stay home in droves. And FRED! wins big. Yay.






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