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How old will these guys be when elected?

Watching the Republican debate on Fox tonight I was feeling wonderful about how great our candidates are, until I realized that they would have to convince the unwashed masses of the Democrats that they were a better choice. They all seem so old. How old are they?


All are older than Bill, and younger than Reagan, except McCain. I don't think this matters, but I was wondering, so I gathered the info.

Jay Tea adds: Being the math geek I am, I ran the numbers Charlie so thoughtfully provided. The Republicans' average age is 63, the Democrats 56. McCain and Obama really blow the curve for both.

Charlie adds: Ron Paul is older than any other. And goofier.


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You forgot Ron Paul. He pol... (Below threshold)

You forgot Ron Paul. He polls better than Giuliani and Richardson and has more delegates for the convention than either.

I added Ron Paul just for J... (Below threshold)

I added Ron Paul just for Jadinero1. This skews the average up a bit.

Sometimes people look at yo... (Below threshold)

Sometimes people look at youth and see lack of experience. It can go both ways...






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