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They're Out There...

(All dialogue guaranteed at least 95% accurate)

Yesterday, I went shopping after work. There was a young lady cashiering at the discount store I visited. She came up to the manager and started complaining about a customer who'd talked to her for about 10 minutes about politics. (No, it wasn't me.) I commiserated with her, and told her to cheer up -- it'd be all over after Tuesday.

But once she got the idea of politics in her head, she started complaining. First, she wondered why we were voting this week, when Bush won't leave office for over a year. I told her that Bush will be out on January 20, 2009, and the real election is in November -- this is just to see who will be on the ballot then.

That's when she announced that she's supporting Hillary. "After all, I'm a girl, and she's a girl, so
that's good, right? And I really think we need a change."

I stopped biting my tongue at that point. This twit's vote counts as much as mine, and I couldn't let her ignorance go unchallenged. "Let me get this straight: We had the first President Bush for four years, then Bill Clinton for eight years, then Bush's son for eight years. You're saying you want Clinton's wife next, and you're for a change?"

That didn't sit well with her. "I dunno much about that. but I do know we weren't at war when Bill Clinton was president."

"Really? Ever heard of Somalia and the Balkans? How about the three major attacks by Al Qaeda that all took place during Clinton's term?"

"Well, I said I don't know much about that. But did you ever hear of a movie called 'Loose Change?'"

"Yeah, I saw it. I also saw one called 'Screw Loose Change,' that showed that at least 90 percent of 'Loose Change' is crap."

"I dunno about that. They said that all the important people were warned about the attacks. Nobody really important really died."

"Well, apart from the wife of the Solicitor General of the United States."

"That means nothing to me."

"When the US gets sued, the Solicitor General is the lawyer who defends it. His wife was on the plane that crashed at the Pentagon."

"But he wasn't."

"No, he wasn't."

"But there are still a lot of questions about 9/11 that haven't been answered."

"Actually, most of them have. It's just the nuts and idiots who can't handle the simple truth who won't listen."

"I don't really care about all that, anyway. I probably won't even vote."

Thank heavens.

I am NOT one of those people who thinks that the higher the voter turnout, the better. There are some people who just shouldn't vote, and they should not be encouraged to vote. And people like this stupid twit desperately need to stay out of the political process until they've educated themselves on at least the basic facts.


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Ain't democracy grand? We n... (Below threshold)

Ain't democracy grand? We need to let the trees vote, too. Who else supports some form of increased limit on suffrage here in the US? Would a literacy test still be considered racist after all these years and all that money spent on education?

Democracy is a complex and ... (Below threshold)

Democracy is a complex and beautiful thing...Every citizen has the right to a voice in how their country is governed...but when we're lucky, they don't all take advantage of that.

Although the legal voting age was 18 when I reached that number, I sat out the first few elections I could have voted in. I consider voting by flipping a coin to be worse than not voting at all. I continue to abstain in any elections in which I don't know enough about the candidates or the issues to make an informed choice. (Which, I'm ashamed to say, is usually local elections).

I wish everyone would do the same, but at least those who don't care enough about politics to be informed are unlikely to make the effort to show up at the polls. If they've even bothered to register.

what a dingbat... (Below threshold)

what a dingbat

I sometimes think that some... (Below threshold)

I sometimes think that some kind of test should be given to potential voters. I know that flies in the face of democracy but, DUDE!!

You have infinitely more pa... (Below threshold)

You have infinitely more patience than I. I would have called her an idiot to her face, most likely.

Maybe Coulter is right about the franchise. Or, at least require some level of knowledge of civics, for crappin' out loud.

I don't blame the system, I... (Below threshold)

I don't blame the system, I blame the people. I blame the person herself, her teachers and her parents.

There's no voting system that will ever save us from idiots and corruption. It requires people with some common sense and integrity.

Heinlein put it best, (para... (Below threshold)

Heinlein put it best, (paraphrasing from memory) Intelligent exercise of the franchise is time consuming and difficult. If you can't be bothered to take the time and make the effort, just find some well-meaning fool and vote the opposite.
That advice has helped me tremendously throughout my voting life.

Jay,Your post here... (Below threshold)
Rovin Author Profile Page:


Your post here has just described the mentality of 90% of the college students in this nation (that Obama managed to get to the polls in Iowa), who's lack of reasoning is the direct reflection of their professors.

Ooops, sorry, I got an erro... (Below threshold)

Ooops, sorry, I got an error message and tried another window and didn't see the message so I hit "refresh", delete double comment here and, probably, on another thread.

No need for alarm. Idiots ... (Below threshold)

No need for alarm. Idiots in the aggregate tend to cancel each other out...most of the time...eventually.

young lady cashiering at... (Below threshold)

young lady cashiering at the discount store...because there weren't any openings for brain surgeons due to the bad Bush economy! :)
Jay Tea: You might have added this account to your stories about BB's...and BB sized things!

Ahhh public education at it... (Below threshold)

Ahhh public education at its finest-the teachers union must be so proud to read posts like this.

We'll never get a "competen... (Below threshold)

We'll never get a "competency test" for voting...and it is a damn shame!

The sheeple are the fuel for the Democrat machine...and the Teacher's Unions ensure they STAY sheeple!!

"After all, I'm a gir... (Below threshold)

"After all, I'm a girl, and she's a girl, so that's good, right? And I really think we need a change."

Wow, bummer. Hopefully, she'll have as much disdain for voting in November.

"I don't know much about that."
"I dunno about that."
"That means nothing to me."
"I don't really care about all that, anyway."

But we still need a change. The theme and the plot thickens. Hee hee.

When I see or read things l... (Below threshold)

When I see or read things like this I think about a movie I saw recently called Idiocracy. Frankly, most of the movie is crap, but the first 10 minutes or so are actually thought provoking.

The premise of the movie is that with nothing left to challenge humanity and push it forward, humans begin to de-evolve as idiots outbreed intelligent people.

The terrible truth is that at the end of the day, this girl will have more kids than you will Jay. Which means her stupidity will be passed down to more generations.

For every Milton Friedman (1 child) there is a Britney Spears (2 kids and counting).

I wish we have a very simpl... (Below threshold)

I wish we have a very simple competency test, with questions like "Who is your State Senator?" or "What date is Independence Day?"

That way, the threat of having to "study", would keep out the worst of the airhead votes.

How do you think most democ... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

How do you think most democrats get elected? People like her. They just know democrats are "for the little guy" and that war is bad, helping people by giving them money from tax payers is good, so we vote democrats in! yay!!!

oh....my.....gawd.... (Below threshold)


Someone hold a kegger on voting night pahllllease.

And I presume she complaine... (Below threshold)

And I presume she complained after you left about ANOTHER customer yapping at her for ten minutes about politics.


Wow, a real emotional plea ... (Below threshold)

Wow, a real emotional plea for Hillary to toss Her bra onto the white house lawn and cry!

"I am Woman I am invincible."

Jay - it is not all over af... (Below threshold)

Jay - it is not all over after Tuesday. I think you think your little state decides everything...if so...you are very, very wrong.

Man J.T.At least y... (Below threshold)

Man J.T.

At least you tried right?

That takes guts.


Two shots already at teache... (Below threshold)

Two shots already at teachers. Teachers can only do so much with what shows up in the classroom.

Is it possible that some people are just incredibly so shallow as to not be able to grasp things no matter how the material is presented?

Don't blame the teachers; it's not always their fault.

Jay Tea,Are you su... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Jay Tea,

Are you sure you weren't actually talking to nogo postal?

Will sheeple EVER vote base... (Below threshold)

Will sheeple EVER vote based on character, principles, or issues?

LMAO..... "I dunno about that."

For every genius like this ... (Below threshold)

For every genius like this girl, there's an NRA member whose vote depends solely on which candidate will maximize their chances of starring in Red Dawn 2: Real Life.

Picking out fringe idiots to try and make a point... doesn't. That's what Europeans do when they generalize about Americans, and they're wrong to do it, and it's annoying trying to explain to them that Britney Spears is one person, not 300 million. Lots of young, motivated voters, both conservative and liberal, Republican and Democratic, are very much educated on issues that matter to them. And, on the other hand, a lot of crotchety old people appear to have no idea what any candidate stands for, and allows their preferred media stream to do their thinking for them.

Broad brushes are for lazy people.

Broad brushes are ... (Below threshold)
Broad brushes are for lazy people.
Like people who paint NRA members as trigger happy rubes?
matthew, I didn't "go looki... (Below threshold)

matthew, I didn't "go looking for her." She found me. And I really, really tried to avoid the whole discussion.


Some NRA members are concer... (Below threshold)

Some NRA members are concerned about their rights and the safety of their families/communities, and some are trigger happy rubes. (I'm related to some of the former, and some of the latter.) Some Obama supporters are passionate advocates for change, some are kids that like getting high before campaign rallies and trying to score with dreadlocked 19 year olds. My point, SPQR, was obviously that JT's implication that many young people are stupid and uninformed (10%? 25%? 66%?) applies equally to any caricature of types of Americans that we feel like conjuring up for argument's sake.

The education system isn't nearly as responsible for the epidemic of ignorance as the media and popular culture. Mind-numbing television programming (especially news-as-entertainment), advertising ("Eat this bacon double cheeseburger!" "Fat people are disgusting--ask your doctor about these diet pills!"), the reification of celebrities... nah, let's blame teachers!

It's nice that some commenters are comfortable making fascistic remarks about limiting democratic participation to those deemed worthy of it. "If you want that vote to count, you better tuck in that brown shirt."

Jay Tea, I know exactly the... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, I know exactly the sort you're speaking about. Unfortunately, in my experience, a lot of very bright kids are quiet, and a lot of ignorant kids like talking. A lot. So, perception of the youthful demographic (of which I suppose I am recently removed) doesn't reflect fair sampling. When I used to teach tutorials, it was always the quiet kid at the back that wrote the best essays, and the shitheads at the front who never shut up failed to convince everybody else of anything except the extent of their own shitheadedness.

SPQR - "Like people who... (Below threshold)

SPQR - "Like people who paint NRA members as trigger happy rubes?"


Eric, now you've made me de... (Below threshold)

Eric, now you've made me depressed. I think you're right.

"Cashiering?" She was firin... (Below threshold)

"Cashiering?" She was firing someone?

HA! Good pull BlogDog. ... (Below threshold)

HA! Good pull BlogDog.

"a lot of very bright kids ... (Below threshold)

"a lot of very bright kids are quiet, and a lot of ignorant kids like talking. A lot."

Unfortunately it's not just the kids. And the media is complacent giving the most press to the loudest and most extreme.

Last night on The Simpson's... (Below threshold)
Carl H.:

Last night on The Simpson's, Moe Sizlak proposed 'Who wants to abolish deomocracy forever? Show of hands'.
With little miss trooofer's vote counting the same as mine, I can see Moe's point.

"After all, I'm a girl, ... (Below threshold)

"After all, I'm a girl, and she's a girl, so that's good, right?"

I think a more proper reply would have been, "Great idea... vote based on genitalia".

This post brought up intere... (Below threshold)

This post brought up interesting thoughts for me, and I just commented on it at my own site: http://assistantvillageidiot.blogspot.com/2008/01/they-just-want-to-have-something-to-say.html

Precis: They just want to have something to say.
Political commentary from NewHampshiremen reaches its sell-by date on Wednesday, so get on the link before it goes bad,

Last November, there was a ... (Below threshold)

Last November, there was a fascinating discussion at View From the Right about limiting the franchise. Contrary to matthew's ignorant swipe about Brownshirts, there are many good reasons to limit the franchise (BTW, according to Godwin's Law, he automatically lost the debate when he made the Nazi reference).

Also, by claiming that any limit to the franchise is Nazi-like, matthew is denigrating all societies, including our own, that have ever limited the franchise. 19th-century America--which had a limited franchise--was actually a pretty great place (just read Toqueville and you'll see why). In fact, according to matthew, our modern society must be Nazi-like, because we deny the vote to convicted felons and the mentally incompetent.

Matthew's slur also illustrates the debased nature of "political" debate in modern times: people believe that their own position is not only right but also moral, so all opposition is therefore immoral. The opposition is instantly demonized into nascent Nazis just waiting to goose-step into power and ram their jackboots down everyone elses' throats.


hey..... what ya'll up 2??<... (Below threshold)

hey..... what ya'll up 2??






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