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Duncan Hunter doesn't quit GOP Presidential race

He even calls members of the media Knuckleheads.

Underdog GOP presidential candidate Duncan Hunter lashed out at "knucklehead media executives" who did not include him in this weekend's New Hampshire primary debates, telling reporters he was staying in the race despite widespread expectations he would announce his withdrawal.

The conservative California congressman criticized debate organizers at FOX and ABC for not extending him an invitation when "guys with zero delegates" like Rudy Giuliani and John McCain were allowed to participate in the events, saying they "decided my campaign was over, and the lights would be shut out on my campaign.

It's true, at present Hunter has one delgate thanks to the Wyoming caucus. That's more than Rudy, McCain, and Paul. The Iowa caucus results last week resulted in no GOP candidate receiving delegates. Then tell me why then was so much attention paid to by candidates and media alike?

Ok, don't do anything. After a day of cancer treatments, I'm lucky not to be vomitting on the keyboard at present. I'm lucky to be putting a coherent sentence together right now, though I think a few Wizbang readers would disagree.

Anyway may Huntermania live on. In a sane election process, one caucus out of 50 states should never result in a candidate ending their campaign.

Hat tip- Dr. Steven Taylor at Poliblog who said "I don't think that the relevant "knucklehead" works in the media..."


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Comments (6)

Good for Him and He is righ... (Below threshold)

Good for Him and He is right. the knuckleheaded media had no right keeping Him out when He actually had a delegate.. they should have 86'd McPain instead, the jerk.

Good for Him. Unf... (Below threshold)

Good for Him.

Unfortunately Hunter became an automatic outcast because he threatened the status quo for the one policy much of Republican Leadership & FoxNews/Murdoch views as the Policy for which they will throw all other Conservative Principles under the bus to Preserve.

You can view it here: http://www.gohunter08.com/inner.asp?z=11

I'd rather see Hunter in th... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I'd rather see Hunter in there instead of Ron Paul or McCain due to the fact that he has the ability to advance real ideas, not tinfoil hat ideas like paul, or populist ideas of "bipartisanship" like McCain. If you want to be bipartisan, don't join a political party.

I think Hunter was effectiv... (Below threshold)

I think Hunter was effective in the debates he was in, and find myself in agreement with him on many or most issues.

The simple fact, though, is that he had no base of support and was unable to build one throughout the months and several debates, nor was he able to raise the money to be competitive once the actual voting began. Great guy, but NOT going to be the nominee. His ideas deserve a hearing, but NOT in the Presidential nomination debates going forward. He's had numerous chances to attract support, and failed.

JPM100 - "Unfortunately... (Below threshold)

JPM100 - "Unfortunately Hunter became an automatic outcast because he threatened the status quo for the one policy much of Republican Leadership & FoxNews/Murdoch views as the Policy for which they will throw all other Conservative Principles under the bus to Preserve."

And that explains why he was tossed out of the ABC debate how?

Good riddence... he along with so many others had ZERO chance from the start and only cluttered up the process.

It explains the swipe at Fo... (Below threshold)

It explains the swipe at Fox, which is why you excluded them from your comment.

And if we think we need to help the remaining candidates by clearing out other candidates with don't let the door hit you and ass attitude, we don't have candidates worth a crap.

The one candidate that deserves that attitude might be Paul because of the undue media attention and undeserved pass he got from the Liberal Media because of his anti-Iraq position. Hunter is not in that category and deserves better.






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