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Monday Afternoon Round Up

If you're tired of the debate rehash going on out there, here's something on the 'bit different' side.

  • American Wannabees It would seem that Europeans want the right to vote...in OUR elections. How would you like to have someone who is not a citizen telling you who your next president will be? (Via Boortz)

  • BDS Bush Derangement Syndrome contnues. (Via Drudge)

  • Cry me a river Hillary in (crocodile) tears at a rally as rumors swirl that she may pull out of the race. A crying, cold, calculating, woman can get almost anything she wants right? (Via Drudge)

  • Phone call Rudy....errr Bill Awww ain't that sweet? Pardon me while I gag. (Via Lucianne)

  • I think I've seen you somewhere before There be plants in that there group or maybe professional undecided voters...or something stinks in NH? (Via Memeorandum)

  • WHAT!!! Safer to do weed than booze it up? No wonder Dem presidential hopeful, Mike Gravel isn't getting anywhere. (Via Lucianne)

  • Why wait? McCain promises to produce Bin Laden if elected. Why can't he just tell us where he is now? (Via Townhall)

  • Promises Promises Romney promises the deportation of many illegals his first 90 days in office. I wonder if he knows he has to get his past congress first? (Via Drudge)

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg at 2 p.m. on Monday afternoon.

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    Comments (6)

    The worst part about the Hi... (Below threshold)

    The worst part about the Hillary item? I bet a dollar that question was planted.

    The ONLY thing Mike Gravel ... (Below threshold)

    The ONLY thing Mike Gravel and I agree on is the marijuana issue.

    If you are still living in the "Reefer Madness" mindset, then you have not really been paying attention for the past 40 years.

    I've been researching the subject for at least that long and from my experience all the reasons that keep the personal possession and use of the drug illegal, make absolutely no sense.

    There is far too much information available on the subject and knee jerk uninformed condemnation of someone who wants to DECRIMINALIZE pot laws serves on to make you look foolish.

    Mike Gravel is a nut case to the nth degree. I wish someone with some stones would stand up and tell the truth.

    I wish someone with some... (Below threshold)
    Jeff Blogworthy:

    I wish someone with some stones would stand up and tell the truth.

    Nice choice of words...

    "It would seem that Europea... (Below threshold)

    "It would seem that Europeans want the right to vote...in OUR elections."

    "the current situation is a blatant case of taxation without representation"

    Fine. Once you start paying your taxes (esp. in the area of defense budgets - ahem) and we'll letcha' vote.

    RFA ~ William F. Buckley, J... (Below threshold)

    RFA ~ William F. Buckley, Jr., among others, called for decriminalization of marijuana possession years ago.

    This is not to say marijuana doesn't carry its own health risks, especially since many users smoke it unfiltered, or - ugh! - as is the current trend among the young, embedded in a cheap cigar (or, "blunt"). It is not of the driving addiction of some drugs properly outlawed, though.

    You need to become a citize... (Below threshold)

    You need to become a citizen of the US, get in line behind everyone else.






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