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Monday Night Round Up

I have a lot of free time on my hands as I'm off until next Monday.

  • A rather one sided fight Iranian Revolutionary Guard gunboats trying to pick a fight with US warships. US issues a warning. (Via Sistertoldjah)

  • To execute or not Patterico takes a look at a case before the Supreme court. Is it Constitutional to execute a child rapist? (Via Patterico)

  • Disaster in the air Jet fighters crash in Persian Gulf. (Via LGF)

  • Pick a new theme song Michelle Malkin is asking readers to pick out a new campaign theme song for Hillary, (Via Michelle Malkin)

  • The truth The Dems can't handle the truth about the surge so Fred Barnes tells it like it is. (Via Weekly Standard)

  • Man of the year Rush Limbaugh named Human Event's man of the year. (Via Lucianne)

  • Missing Hiker Found Local news. Body of missing hiker found in North Georgia mountains. (Via Lucianne)

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