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Killer Queen City

I don't have much battery power left on Electric Mayhem, but I wanted to toss up a couple of quick notes:

Well, it's crazy here in downtown Manchester. Crosswalks, walk signals, and traffic lights have been demoted to "suggestions." (Most of the jaywalkers seem to be wearing Hillary stickers, for what it's worth.) and there is a convertible driving up and down the main drag with two people in pig outfits. No, they're not porkbusters, they're pushing "tax meat" as a solution to global warming. Unsurprisingly, the car had Massachusetts plates.

I haven't had a chance to find Mary Katharine Ham, but I am stalking her. I've got photos of all of her stops from her December trip. It wasn't hard; I lived in Manchester for fifteen years or so, and they're all within a few blocks of each other.

(For those who were concerned, John Edwards DID return the Baby Jesus to the nativity scene in front of the Center Of New Hampshire. Thank you, Senator.)

Judging not by signs but by people proclaiming their fidelity on their persons, I'd have to say that Hillary is doing the best. But they have the whiff of out-of-staters about them; I'm going to go with my hunches and say that Obama will be the clear winner, with Edwards just a little ahead of Hillary for second.

On the Republican side, I'm thinking McCain and Romney in a very close race, and a tossup. Third will be Huckabee, but I might be wrong and Thompson might pull it off.

Ron Paul? I've run into enough of his sub-nuts to see they'll probably turn off more people than they persuade.

OK, I've run down the battery on Electric Mayhem enough, and my lunch is pretty much down to an edible temperature. I'm off to what I think is the Hillary Clinton campaign office -- I think it's in the old Unemployment Office, for a lovely touch of symbolism.

It's also only a couple of blocks from where I lived during my time in Manchester. Damn, the old neighborhood's really gone to hell.


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Comments (3)

I'm hearing many precincts ... (Below threshold)

I'm hearing many precincts ran out of Democratic ballots today. Nice work on the preparation . . .

Aw c'mon Jim, we all know i... (Below threshold)

Aw c'mon Jim, we all know it was an evil plot by

a) Hillary
b) Rove
c) Ron Paul

to limit Democratic ballots.

JA - em>"I'm hearing many p... (Below threshold)

JA - em>"I'm hearing many precincts ran out of Democratic ballots today. Nice work on the preparation . . ."

That bodes well for a repeat of the "Shillary Crying Game."






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