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Never mind...

When he was running for president in 1932, Franklin Roosevelt made a stirring speech in Pittsburgh where he promised to slash the government's spending by 25% and balance the budget. He went on to win the presidency.

Then, in 1936, he was running for re-election. Instead of slashing spending and reining in the budget, spending had skyrocketed and the deficit had ballooned. He and his staff discussed how best to address this failure to keep his commitment.

The best advice his staff could offer? "Mr. President, deny you were ever in Pittsburgh."

In that spirit, I hereby deny that I ever made any postings between this one and the one time-stamped 3:00. Specifically, I made no postings at 7:42 p.m. where I speculated about the outcome of the New Hampshire primary.

Anyone who says otherwise is obviously delusional.


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Can we say NH never happene... (Below threshold)

Can we say NH never happened, too?

It's cool, man. You at lea... (Below threshold)

It's cool, man. You at least dropped a chad for Fred.

I made the point before... ... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I made the point before... Any state that Ron Paul takes 8% of the vote in is irrelevant. Especially if Thompson takes only 1%. Obviously not a big difference maker.

McCain won New Hampshire in 2000 right? Got him pretty far didn't it?

What other state will McCain take?? Any other states? I doubt it.

At least 32% of the people ... (Below threshold)

At least 32% of the people in New Hampshire are intelligent. scary however that at least 68% are idiots.

Well, if you are denying yo... (Below threshold)

Well, if you are denying you were in New Hampshire, we are going to need to interview Mr. Ducky.

Unfortunately, in his case, waterboarding may not be as effective as usual . . .

Roosevelt also said, when c... (Below threshold)

Roosevelt also said, when challenged on his 180-degree turn from his campaign promises, that the party platform was just a political instrument -- a device for getting elected -- and that private citizens should have known better than to take it seriously. At least we can't tar you with that brush, Jay.






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