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Scott Elliott has posted his predictions on the New Hampshire primary at Election Projection, as well as an excellent roundup of others' predictions. John Hawkins also has predictions and a roundup posted at Right Wing News.

Update: Tom Elia has a prediction of his own. (This one is funny.)


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One cannot understate the i... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

One cannot understate the importance of tonight's primary where a few thousand votes could directly affect who sits in the White House. A victory by McCain, by whatever margin, is a huge dagger into the heart of Romney's campaign. If he loses to a liberal Arizona senator from Arizona in his own back yard, he will have zero momentum for Michigan in two days and he is sure to fall apart in SC and Florida. A McCain loss tonight could actually end his campaign because he is severely disliked in SC, Florida and many of the Super Tuesday states.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Huckabee wearing a McCain pin on his shirt today. He knows that he can win a two-horse race against the liberal McCain and would love to see Romney go away. At the same time, not many folks are talking about the very important race for third tonight. Should Giuliani sneak past Huckabee, that could spark some momentum in Florida where he is within striking distance.






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