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What's Portuguese For "Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining?"

One of the standard arguments against a staunch enforcement of existing illegal immigration laws has been the canard that "you can't deport 12 million people." We're now seeing a great refutation of that argument -- if you make the environment inhospitable enough for illegal aliens, a lot of them will deport themselves.

We see a classic example of that in today's Boston Globe. Their latest lament is for the poor, beleaguered Brazilian population of Massachusetts. It appears that a confluence of factors are encouraging more and more Brazilians who came to the Bay State to improve their lives to reconsider that decision -- and head back home.

First up is the economy. Brazil's currency, the real, has gained in strength against the dollar. That means that dollars sent to Brazil are buying about half of what they used to buy.

Next up, though, is the lack of accomodation for illegal aliens. Simply ignoring the law has grown harder and harder.

Of course, the Globe doesn't come out and say that. One has to crack the code they use.

(Emphasis added in all quotes)

That decline, plus a surging Brazilian economy, is making Brazilians reassess the hardships of living in the United States, apart from their families, in a country where it is often difficult to be an immigrant, even for someone with a residence permit like Neto.

Translation: it's hard for the legal ones, so it's even harder for the illegal ones.

The 2000 US Census listed 39,000 people of Brazilian descent living in the state; the number grew to 73,000 in 2006, according to the American Community Survey, an annual population survey by the US Census Bureau. But that number does not include Brazilians living here without proper documentation. Some estimates put the total number of Brazilian immigrants as high as 230,000.

Translation: over 2/3 of the Brazilians in Massachusetts are there illegally. Grab a random Brazilian and deport them summarily; you've got a pretty good chance of bouncing an illegal.

Brazilians are the second-fastest growing group of illegal immigrants in the United States, and many were deeply disappointed last summer when Congress failed to pass a bill that would have given millions of immigrants a chance to apply for legal esidency.

Translation: illegal aliens loved the amnesty bill that Congress killed last year.

"It has a lot to do with a lack of hope, too," Da Rocha said. "When Deval Patrick was elected governor, there was a lot of hope that things would get better for immigrants, but they have gotten worse. A high percentage of workers do not have immigration papers, and they need a car to get to work. So they are driving without documents, and the State Police are stopping them and reporting them."

Translation: a lot of immigrants holding jobs are illegal, and they're also ignoring the laws about getting drivers' licenses and registering and insuring their cars, and when the cops catch them breaking those laws, they are getting charged with that.

At two jewelry stores in downtown Framingham, business has dropped dramatically. Geni Luz, manager of Joyce Jewelry, said the store has seen 40 percent fewer customers in the past year than previously, because they have returned to Brazil.

"They say they are going back because they don't want to say here illegally, without a driver's license and Social Security," Luz said. "They were hoping the immigration bill would pass, but it didn't."

Joao Freites, owner of Vera Jewelers, said dozens of his regular customers have gone back to Brazil.

"We started to feel this at the beginning of last year," he said. "Then, when the immigration bill didn't go through, people were very disappointed and started buying tickets."

Translation: when it became clear that there would be no amnesty, a lot of illegal aliens started self-deporting themselves. They stuck around hoping for amnesty, but when that went south, so did they.

Let me sum this up: in Massachusetts, over two-thirds of all the Brazilians are there illegally. They hold jobs illegally, drive to and from those jobs without licenses in unregistered and uninsured cars, and were thrilled when it looked like they would be granted amnesty and allowed to stay here without paying any penalty for their violations of so many federal and state laws. Then, when it became apparent that there would be no amnesty, a lot of them are not wasting any more government resources in rounding up and deporting them, and are choosing to deport themselves. This is freeing up jobs for Americans and legal immigrants; removing unlicensed drivers from the roads; removing unregistered, uninspected, and uninsured cars from the roads; and reinforcing the rule of law and pushing respect for the law.

And somehow, this is a bad thing to the Boston Globe.


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Comments (9)

Nossa! Muito engraçado mas... (Below threshold)
Hinkle Goldfarb:

Nossa! Muito engraçado mas certa ao mesmo tempo. Conheço pessoalmente um casal brasileira que esperou para ver se o projeto de lei de anistia ia passar, e quando não passou, voltaram para São Paulo.

Translation: Yep! Very funny but also right on. I personally know of a Brazilian couple who waiting to see if the amnesty bill would pass, and when it didn't, they went back to São Paulo.

Perhaps amazing for liberal... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

Perhaps amazing for liberals, but when you enforce existing laws, you end up with fewer law breakers.

Isn't there still a demand ... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Isn't there still a demand for that "Brazilian wax" thing, whatever that is?

So, does deval get credit f... (Below threshold)

So, does deval get credit for this? snicker, snicker

The Thunder Run has linked ... (Below threshold)

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 01/08/2008 A short recon of what's out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day...so check back often.

So sad.....foreign national... (Below threshold)

So sad.....foreign nationals living here illegally, working here illegally, driving autos illegally .......and the MSM sheds tears for them.

Well so do many, many politicians. Left-liberals (Clinton, Kennedy, etc.) and right-liberals (Bush, McCain, Guiliani, etc.)

No borders, no enforcement of the law means ultimately, no sovereign nation. The American people have spoken, we want to remain a sovereign nation; not just an employment center for latinos.

I'm as fed up (probably mor... (Below threshold)

I'm as fed up (probably more so) as anyone with this illegal immigration BS. But this attitude (even in jest) of it being OK to make it hard for legal immigrants because it will make it harder for illegals and "Grab a random Brazilian and deport them summarily; you've got a pretty good chance of bouncing an illegal." is just plain racist and, worse, stupid. I'd be more comfortable with the idea of shooting the bastards (the illegal ones) once they've been told to leave (after all at that point they're an invasion). They're here illegally and have no rights period, but harassing people here legally is just plain wrong and counter productive.

What it means is the writer... (Below threshold)

What it means is the writers at the Globe are crying because they might have to pay an American citizen, an American wage to take care of their kids, clean their ritzy houses, fix their cars and do all the other jobs they were getting away on the cheap with.. because they expected the rest of us to subsidize their illegal alien help. The free ride is over Globe staff, back to the real world.

What I find just as offensive is how their attitudes reveal that these so called "progressives" are racist and elitist. The illegals probably acted subservient to their faces. Americans expect to be treated fairly and with respect. Not as much fun for affluent elites who enjoy their plantation fantasies. I am a liberal democrat by the way. One of many, many liberal democrats who is against illegals, amnesty and all the other foolishness that we've been putting up with. I'm also a Native American, Abenaki and don't appreciate my ancestor's history being exploited by a bunch of elites who want to infer that illegals are "indigenous". The plain fact is that the ancestors of the Globe's beloved illegals committed genocide against those who were indigenous to what is now called Latin America.

You guys must get the ugly ... (Below threshold)
California Kid:

You guys must get the ugly scumbag Brazilians out there. In Cali we get plenty of fine young Brazilian things working as strippers and escorts. It must be the weather out here.

As long as were are on the subject, Boston people, please stop moving to San Diego. No one wants you guys out here.






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