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Democrats Prepare For Battle

The newly resurgent Hillary defied the prognosticators last night, turning a race the pundits said was in danger of becoming an Obama landslide into a nail-bitter. Over at Wizbang Blue there's a decided division among the authors on the candidates, just as their is at Wizbang on the Republican candidates.

Writing about Barak Obama as the anti-Hillary vote getter, Lee makes a good point about one of the "truths" about Hillary.

If the polls saying she would suffer a huge defeat in New Hampshire were wrong, then why aren't the polls suggesting 45% of the electorate wouldn't vote for her wrong as well?

That appears to be the question that will define the rest of the Democratic race; do they go with the known quantity and risk a dynasty fatigue backlash or embrace a fresh new face who is is untested on the big stage. Whether you're a Democrat, Republican, or neither, if you like campaign drama it's sure to be interesting to watch.


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Falling back on the general... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Falling back on the generally accepted democrat theory, I would have to conclude that the wide discrepancy in the polls vs. results definitely indicates voter fraud.

Anything the left comes up ... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Anything the left comes up with is a known quantity. It just depends on how dumb the electorate is and how willing the electorate is to essentially change our system of government over to socialism...

Isn't this schadenfreude of... (Below threshold)

Isn't this schadenfreude of a schadenfreude?

Hi all! Long time, no see ... (Below threshold)

Hi all! Long time, no see :)

Kev, will Wizbang be the first to post the 400-page Barrett Report coming out Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. of the results of the investigation into Bill and Hillary Clinton's use of the IRS as a political weapon against Americans? Apparently, there are 100 redacted pages. Will Wizbang be the first recipient of a whistleblower's gift of those 100 pages - since the Republicans in Congress & Senate haven't demanded it?

$23 million it cost the taxpayers. Whose property is it, after all!

PS - where's that great firecracker logo you had during CBSgate :) I look forward to reading the great pajama sleuths again - TallDave, AD, Fresh Air, Topsecret, "S" - etc!

On the 45% I can give an an... (Below threshold)

On the 45% I can give an answer: The new hampshire thing was a recent event - a rapid change in the polls. The 45% thing on Hillary has been holding true for a LONG time. And steady,.






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