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Global War on Terror Update

U.S. might send 3,000 Marines to Afghanistan

* * *

The biggest irony of that prospective deployment?

Any direct or de facto vote cast for a Democrat this November is a vote in favor of the Taliban.

* * *

Bush strongly warns Iran re: naval clash

President Bush on Wednesday warned Iran of 'serious consequences' if it meddles again with U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf.

You tell 'em, Chief.

Perhaps as a gesture of our resolve we should fire off 444 ship-to-shore missiles. How do you feel about that tactic, Jimmy Carter?


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If those 444 missiles are m... (Below threshold)

If those 444 missiles are made in America, hell yeah! Fire away, and a few hundred extra for the Americans murdered and maimed in Iraq by Iranians and Iranian weapons. They've had it coming for several decades, but never more than right now.

It shouldn't have gotten to... (Below threshold)

It shouldn't have gotten to this point this time. The five pissant boats should have been lost with all hands due to some "mysterious" great satan weapon, as seen by our video showing both the threatening moves and subsequent loss of the vessels. Our deepest sympathy should have been sent with this quote from a bad Angelina Jolie movie: "Mess with the best die like the rest".


Should have blown them like... (Below threshold)

Should have blown them like Israel did to Syria's NUCULAR racter.

Public pronouncements aside... (Below threshold)

Public pronouncements aside, I hope Bush has sent a discreet private message to the Iranians through our "back channel" to them, informing them there will be no more warnings.

The best "warning" would of... (Below threshold)

The best "warning" would of been from the U.S. ships defensive systems. I'd prefer having had a few of the small craft shredded, but a shot (or shots) across the bow would of been sufficient.






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