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Immigration L & O Update

Courtesy of USA Today (no links available, sorry), here are some recent stories which for reasons soon to be obvious had no chance of being featured by any of the usual suspects:

South Carolina: House Republican leaders have agreed on an immigration plan they hope will be debated quickly in the new legislative session that started Tuesday. Under the plan, illegal immigrants would not be eligible for any benefits paid with state tax money and would not be able to attend or get scholarships from any public colleges or universities in the state.

Good plan, huh?

BTW, my beloved Golden State of California adopted a similar plan almost 15 years ago. It's called Prop. 187. It was enacted via direct ballot referendum, having been approved overwhelmingly by my fellow Californians. It was one of the crowning achievements of its primary supporter, former GOP Gov. Pete Wilson, who, ironically enough, often was vilified by (non-voting) conservatives for "not being conservative enough." Of course in those days illegal immigration was not really on the radar screens of the anti-GOP right. They reflexively were complaining about other matters, but that's another topic for another time and place. In any event, a Carter-nominated federal trial judge blocked our anti-illegal immigrant law. Thereafter Gray Davis, a Democrat governor, dropped the ensuing appeal, thereby killing the law -- de facto if not de jure. Go figure.

* * *
Speaking of governors and of immigration law enforcement, check this out:

Minnesota: Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty signed executive orders to give state agents a role in enforcing immigration laws. He proposed several additional measures for the state's legislature to approve, including a ban on existing ordinances that prevent police from asking about the immigration status of suspects or arrestees.

Ah, yes, Pawlenty. Could there exist a better potential Veep choice? Other than Fla. Gov. Charlie Crist?

* * *
Rhode Island: The father of the state's first baby born in 2008 faces deportation after being arrested for violating immigration laws, while his former roommate, also an illegal immigrant, was found dead after the arrest. The roommate was thought to have committed suicide. Federal immigration and customs agents arrested the man last Friday.

* * *
Arkansas: The Washington County Sheriff's Office wants to expand its immigration enforcement team. The team is among others in the region that work with federal immigration agents under an agreement that allows local police officers to check the immigration status of the people they arrest and to begin deportation proceedings against them.


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It's ironic, Pawlenty's act... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

It's ironic, Pawlenty's action on illegals. The mayor of Minneapolis is a flaming liberal, and would have it designated a sanctuary city if he thought he could pull it off. He even impeded a US Attorney's ivestigation into human trafficking because it involved illegals. Great guy.






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