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Numbers Running

Well, all but one precinct has reported its numbers (Windsor, NH, what the hell's keeping you?), and I'm tired of waiting for 'em. I'm not even sure where the hell they are, so screw 'em. They can sit out this count.

I've seen everyone talk about the numbers in New Hampshire's primary, but I have yet to see anyone lump them all together into one handy chart:

2008_New_Hampshire_Primary_Graph.jpg 2008_New_Hampshire_Primary_Pie_Chart.jpg

(Click to enlarge images)

All numbers courtesy the Union Leader, with the Democratic totals here and the Republican totals here.

I'll leave it to others to interpret just what it means, but there it is, all in one tidy package.


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Comments (4)

Jay, you should be proud th... (Below threshold)

Jay, you should be proud that your state is evolving into a progressive state of mind.

2000 Presidential Results
Bush 50%
Gore 49%

2004 Presidential Results
Kerry 50%
Bush 49%

2008 Primary
Democrats 55%
Republicans 45%

All it proves is that a bun... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

All it proves is that a bunch of kooks live up there.

All it proves is that a ... (Below threshold)

All it proves is that a bunch of kooks live up there
Or that feebly enforced voting requirements encourage voter fraud. And who, might you ask, is the party of voter fraud?
Democrats 55%

Kucinich and Ron Paul both ... (Below threshold)

Kucinich and Ron Paul both got more votes than Fred Thompson ... Ron Paul got 6 votes for every vote that Thompson got. Scary.






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