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State Court Judges Hand Liberals Major Defeat: Strict 'gun control' law shot down by appeals court

In a unanimous decision on Wednesday the Court of Appeals ruled the City's handgun ban is illegal under state law, upholding a lawsuit filed by the Second Amendment Foundation and several other gun rights groups.

'This is a great day for gun owners and civil rights,' said SAF Founder Alan M. Gottlieb. 'This is the second time we successfully fought a gun ban [here], and what this demonstrates is that the city's leadership is as horribly out of touch with the law as it seems to be out of touch with reality.'

Wow, who could have envisioned they had such conservative, pro-gun state court judges over in San Francisco?


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I like guns.... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I like guns.

Are you saying that one jud... (Below threshold)

Are you saying that one judge in Ca learned to read on the 3rd grade level, read the constitution, and explained it in 3rd grade terms to other judges? That's about all the knowledge required to make the right decision, for once.

How do the fine citizens of... (Below threshold)

How do the fine citizens of San Franfreakshow expect the wealthy elitist class to enslave them unless they hand over their firearms? When the police and government have the power over the citizens it is for the better.

essentially the same cas... (Below threshold)

essentially the same case that SAF battled on its own 23 years ago when the city, under then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein, adopted a gun ban.
I remember that one! It was funny! KCBS radio announced the Feinstein gun ban, followed by a story of an armed robber who held up a liquor store with a sawed off shotgun!

Since it's a felony to make a sawed off shotgun, carry a sawed off shotgun, and use a a sawed off shotgun in the commission of a crime, it seemed ludicrous to think that one more gun law would do anything to stop the use of guns by criminals!

This was just another in a ... (Below threshold)

This was just another in a series of brazenly illegal acts by the San Francisco city/county government.

The SF County Board of Supe... (Below threshold)

The SF County Board of Supervisors is a collection worthy of a good granola.

A few years ago, they banned ".50 caliber automatic rifles" from the jurisdiction - although there had never been an instance of those 30 pound weapons which cost well over $5000 having been used in a crime in San Francisco.

Hey, maybe they should ban people from pooping in the parks, too.

And who would've thought Sa... (Below threshold)

And who would've thought San Fran judges would have bothered paying any attention to the law or the Constitution!

COSTITUTION 2ND AMENMENT TR... (Below threshold)







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