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Campaign Updates

In addition to the expected and minor news (but highly-publicized) that N.M. Gov. Bill Richardson dropped his campaign:

Large Nevada Union Backs Obama

* * *

As they say, read the whole thing.

Speaking of which, a major issue in the media/Democrat contest -- which for obvious reasons won't be discussed by the media -- is the ongoing and worsening split among organized labor factions.

The old unions -- dying on the vine but still possessed of huge political muscle -- support Hillary. The newer unions -- lacking in political power but growing or at least maintaining their ranks -- support Obama.

That inevitable clash will be interesting to watch. Like a train wreck.

* * *
Romney decides to pull ads in S.C., Fla.

Not a good sign. The bell might be tolling for Mitt.

* * *

Incumbent Dem House Members Begin Facing Primary Challenges from Anti-War Leftists

* * *

As they say, read the whole thing.

I guess that was inevitable.

Ironic too.

Republicans have had to deal with fringe primary challengers for decades -- which thereby allowed Democrats to win countless general elections they otherwise should and would have lost. Of course it's too late to save the Congress -- non-voting conservatives already threw that away -- but if a virulent cabal of left-wing politicos actually begins raising money and running in earnest in large numbers it'll seriously hurt the Democrats at large.


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Comments (3)

The Romney news is huge. H... (Below threshold)

The Romney news is huge. He's been on the air here in South Carolina since March or April, and has run far more television ads than anyone else in either party.

Since he has "guaranteed" his backers a win in Michigan, I am guessing he pulls out if he doesn't win there.

Hugh Hewitt is going to be devastated. Does Just For Men™ offer "Cheer Up!" Gift Baskets?

"Not a good sign. The b... (Below threshold)

"Not a good sign. The bell might be tolling for Mitt."

I might agree with that. On the other hand he claims to have raised 5 million large in 24 hours.

So who the hell knows.

Romney raised over $5 milli... (Below threshold)

Romney raised over $5 million on Wednesday. I have a feeling he pulled the ads because he got the message Tuesday night that the voters didn't want negative. I don't think his contrast ads were negative, but the media did everything they could to convince us they were. So, my theory is that you will see a whole new batch of ads, if not in SC, for sure in Florida.

Mitt got a huge endorsement yesterday with the Monaghan endorsement. Hewitt describes him as a Catholics Catholic. Founder of Dominoes, in Michigan, founder of Ave Maria Univ. and Law School and an ardent pro-lifer.

So Mitt has the lead in the delegate count, he has lots of new money, he knows he has several Western states he can count on and even a 2nd place finish in any of the preceding states puts him pretty much in the driver's seat. Remember one of his biggest goals was getting the name recognition that McCain, Thompson and Guiliani had at the git go. His money has been well spent in that regard and since he is leading the delegate count, I don't think you can even begin to think he is in bad shape.

Suitably Flip has put together a nice GOP Primary Scoreboard






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