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Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Gun Industry: Second major gun rights defeat for liberals in two days

The Second Amendment Foundation on Thursday applauded the unanimous ruling by the Court of Appeals that dismissed a lawsuit against 25 gun manufacturers. The lawsuit was filed by local government authorities and families of nine gun crime victims in the city.

It must be a vast right wing conspiracy.

Who knew they had such conservative, pro-gun appeals court judges over there in the District of Columbia?

Cheney and Rove must be using their mind-control powers again.

Speaking of powers and of causes and effects, hang on here just one minute. How is it that there's such rampant gun violence in D.C.? Hasn't that city been governed at the local level for decades by liberal Democrats? Don't they have liberal policies in place over there, e.g., strict 'gun control' ordinances? What gives? Why haven't the city's leftist policies and politicians led to utopia?


The lawsuit was filed in January 2000, but according to the opinion written by Associate Judge Michael William Farrell, the federal Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act of 2005 required the court to dismiss the case.

Wait a minute. Hold the phone. 2005. A federal law enacted in 2005 mandated that pro-conservative, pro-gun ruling?!

Who knew the former GOP Congress passed any bills, much less one that ultimately would mandate the dismissal of a major lawsuit against the gun industry?

Go figure.


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Looks like the law firm of ... (Below threshold)

Looks like the law firm of BUZZARD,VULTURE,HYNA,SLUG,JACKAL,and SNAKE have lost a big one i hope their sobbing in thier lexesuses






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