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Uncle Sam Wants You

The Army?

Well, yeah.

The Border Patrol too:

Border Patrol steps up recruiting and hiring

A NASCAR race car, sponsored by the U.S. border patrol. Billboards hundreds of miles from the Rio Grande, promoting a career as a border agent. TV commercials for the federal agency, aired during Dallas Cowboys games.

With the Border Patrol undergoing an unprecedented hiring boom, the agency is going to extraordinary lengths to compete with police departments around the country for an unusually small pool of qualified applicants.

The Border Patrol is expanding rapidly. It has gone from about 12,000 agents in 2005 to nearly 15,000 now, and wants to reach about 18,000 by the end of the year.

Among the factors cited for the shortage of qualified applicants are the strong economy over the past several years, which has been offering jobs that pay much more than the Border Patrol's starting salary of about $35,000 to $40,000; the Border Patrol's own stringent hiring requirements (many applicants lack the clean criminal records and good credit histories required for patrol duty, where bribe offers are pervasive); and the prosecution of the War on Terror, specifically the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, which has reduced the pool of military retirees who are interested in second careers in law enforcement.

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Here's a link to the AP article that provides the source info for this post.


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Comments (5)

I wonder how well that NASC... (Below threshold)

I wonder how well that NASCAR team will be received when they race in Mexico next year.


Ramos and Campion.... (Below threshold)

Ramos and Campion.

'nuff said.

"I wonder how well that... (Below threshold)

"I wonder how well that NASCAR team will be received when they race in Mexico next year."

Just fine, if you had read the article you would have noted that sponsorship was for 2007 not 2008.

But what the hell, what's a little thing like reading when it makes commenting so much easier when skipping that part.

It was also a Busch series ... (Below threshold)

It was also a Busch series car which didn't race in Mexico City.

This is good news in that the BP is aggressively seeking qualified candidates for the new positions authorized. That they are having so much trouble filling them is bad news, but typical of an economy with low unemployment.

Relax, it was meant more of... (Below threshold)

Relax, it was meant more of a joke than anything else. I know the sponsorship ended in '07 but, if it was successful for them, there's always the possibility of '08.

Also, if you the check '08 schedule, the Busch series will be racing in Mexico this year.






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