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D.C. Appeals Court Rules Against Former Gitmo Detainees: Lawsuit against Rumsfeld and other gov't officials thrown out

A federal appeals court on Friday ruled against four Muslim British citizens who had claimed they were systematically tortured and their religious rights had been abused throughout their two-year detention at the U.S. government's terrorist detainment facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Rejecting all the men's allegations, the appeals court overturned the one claim that hadn't already been dismissed by a lower court.

The appellate judges involved with that decision:

Henderson - nominated by President George H.W. Bush.
Randolph - nominated by President George H.W. Bush.
Brown - nominated by President George W. Bush.

* * *
Here's a link to AP writer Pete Yost's disjointed and sloppy report.


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Comments (11)

YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!Pre... (Below threshold)


Presidents Matter.

Win one for the "Gipper," u... (Below threshold)

Win one for the "Gipper," um, er... I mean Bush.

When will Americans underst... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

When will Americans understand that "enemy combatant" falls outside our laws and the Geneva Convention?
The court actually did the right thing here...
However, since so many from Gitmo have been released, does that mean they were/are not a threat?
How many have been convicted by the "Tribunal"?
Why aren't Tribunals being held?

If a Dem is elected President and closes down Gitmo, either transferring or releasing the prisoners there, will there be massive demonstrations crying

No easy answers, but it appears most of the "plots" discovered since 9/11 have been not resulted in convictions.

Being removed by time, just as the concentrations camps for Japanese citizens of America in World War II, we can both understand why it happened and realize it went to far.

Yes, judges really matter.<... (Below threshold)

Yes, judges really matter.

But here is the salient question: What makes you think that either Mitt or Rudy would appoint judges that are any different than a Democrat's choices? They have NO record of having done so. Worse, they have a record of not being terribly interested in the Constitution.... so??

What is your point for this post?

I love this. I bet... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I love this.

I bet the line is being thrown all around "This is a win for the president" instead of using "This is a win for the country".

I hate when they do that, say that it was a victory for the president when in fact it is a win for the whole country.

People might rag on Bush, b... (Below threshold)

People might rag on Bush, but he did appoint Roberts and Alito.

that will have more impact than anything and automatically gives him a thumbs up.

As JJ has said before, Elec... (Below threshold)

As JJ has said before, Elections Matter.

Conservatives love it when ... (Below threshold)

Conservatives love it when those who torture are not held accountable. This makes their day.

Herman, not true. We love ... (Below threshold)

Herman, not true. We love it when Al Qaeda and all their operatives are held accountable.

The question is: why don't you?

My question is: why are the... (Below threshold)

My question is: why are their prisoners in GITMO?
These people being held their were mostly caught on the battle field. After their waterboarding experience, and all info received from them, and not belonging to a country's military, they are criminals, just execute the idiots. That they are criminals cannot be denied, and criminals are not mentioned in the Geneva convention.

So why is our tax money being wasted on criminals? I realize the bleeding hearts feel we are mishandling military personal, however the Geneva Convention states what is a fellow military member. To be, or achieve a military member, you must belong to a standing military, from a country that has a standard uniform worn by that military.Every mideast country has a military, and they all have uniforms. A towel and bedsheet is not a military uniform.

So, why is my tax money being wasted on these punks. Waterboard them, and then execute them.

Herman, maybe these poor in... (Below threshold)

Herman, maybe these poor innocent victums of US imperialism can come over and live with you. You'll show them compassion and understanding using "dialog". Then they saw your head off and rape & torture your wife and kids.

Wadda ya say?






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