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Belated Round Up for Monday Night

A quick update! The Friends of Fred fundraiser at Fred08 rolled over the $1m mark about an hour ago.

And on with the show!

  • No vote for youTeachers Sue to Block Hotel Workers' Union Vote in Nevada Caucus. (Via Lucianne)

  • Suspended The cook at a Devereux medical facility in Berwyn who got in trouble after singing "God Bless America" on the job has been suspended, with pay...On Dec. 28, he was pulled aside by his supervisors because a Devereux employee complained that he was singing "God Bless America." (via Lucianne)

  • Code Pink Heh, Code pink gets a taste of their own medicine. (Via LGF)

  • Syrian Brothers Iran doesn't want the UN Security Council to oversee its nuclear program. It wants the IAEA and El Baradei. Can't imagine why? Can you? (Via LGF)

    On the election front.

  • Her words get in her way Awwwww, Hillary says Obama's people are twisting her words. What's she gonna do? Cry? (Via Lucianne)

  • Say Again Europe wants a change in the US too. They think Hillary is too much like Bush. Of late, they may be right. (Via Newsbusters)

  • Pander Pander Pander Got Pander? Hillary says no woman is illegal. (Via Gateway Pundit)

  • WHOSE plan? Did Huckabee plagiarize his Immigration Plan? (Via Hot Air)

  • Depends on what your definition of late is Why is it Fred was considered 'entering the race too late' while it's okay if Bloomberg is considering getting in the race in the next two months?!? I'm confused. (Via NY Daily News)

  • Metamucil anyone Awww, Huck got his clock cleaned at the debates, so how does he defend his position? With a classic middle school retort. And someone out there wants to elect him as President. Nice. Thompson's response "his response was to return fire with some potty humor. That's the best he could come up with for the last three days." So Fred used the word Potty? I'll let that one pass. He has toddlers. (Via Red State)

  • Make it about issues not personal please "These are substantive issues," Thompson said. "These are not personal attacks. If the governor wants to get into personal attacks and things that happened some years ago and things that they've done and allegations, there's enough on the record in Arkansas that will keep us busy for the rest of this campaign." My free advice to the Huckster still stands, when you find yourself in a hole, don't keep digging. (Via Fred08)

  • Fred's Hotness Factor I'm tossing this in for fun. Admitted and owned I'm a die hard Fred head anyway. (Via Rightwing News)

  • Federal Industrial Policy. "What I'm critical of is the absence of a federal policy designed to strengthen the U.S. automotive sector and manufacturing general."-Romney. Great, more big government. (Via Redstate)

  • Just vote Romney KosKids want to pollute the MI vote in Romney's favor. (Via Rightwing News)

  • Speaking of McCain McCain has issues, lots of issues, SCARY issues. (Via Rightwing News)

  • Slip Sliding Away His lead is slipping in Florida and nationally. How was your day? (Via NY Times)

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    Comments (9)

    Why is it Fred was consi... (Below threshold)

    Why is it Fred was considered 'entering the race too late' while it's okay if Bloomberg is considering getting in the race in the next two months?!? I'm confused.

    You're confused because he wasn't involved in primaries for parties he might run against?

    ...Whereas I'm confused by ... (Below threshold)

    ...Whereas I'm confused by html tags.

    The Media was just piling o... (Below threshold)
    Dave W:

    The Media was just piling on and one person says something and they all run with it. The conventional wisdom was that getting in the race on time was too late.

    I fixed the open tag.... (Below threshold)

    I fixed the open tag.

    Did I screw up my html tags... (Below threshold)

    Did I screw up my html tags? They confuse me too. =)

    Thanks Jim!... (Below threshold)

    Thanks Jim!

    Also twice your roundup has... (Below threshold)

    Also twice your roundup has forced all new entries below it.

    I don't know how that happens but it's weird because it makes all of Wizbang appear to be old even though fresh posts have been added.

    RoryI believe 'tha... (Below threshold)


    I believe 'that' particular problem has to do with when everyone else starts their posts and when they actually publish the post.

    I've started a post, left it unpublished, went back two days later to publish it only to have it appear on the day I started the post not when I actually published it. Now I have to remind myself look to see if I need to change the publish date and or time before I publish my post. Make sense?

    Ya know, I just realized so... (Below threshold)
    The Listkeeper:

    Ya know, I just realized something.

    These two must be identical twins, separated at birth...One evil, one...MORE evil.






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