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Democrats in Nevada Declare War . . . On Democrats

Unionized Nevada teachers have filed a lawsuit against Nevada's largest union in connection with the Nevada Democrat caucus.

The Nevada State Education Association and five people identified as Democrats planning to attend the Jan. 19 caucus filed the lawsuit late Friday against the Nevada Democrat Party and Nevada's Culinary Workers Union.

Democrats suing Democrats, huh?

Irony can be ironic.

The suit claims Democrat Party rules making it easier for Las Vegas casino workers to attend precinct meetings for the caucus violate Nevada law and federal equal protection guidelines.

Um, since when do election laws apply to Democrats?

Most of the workers to whom the suit makes reference are members of the Culinary Workers Union, Local 226, a group that endorsed Barack Obama.

Ah, okay. Now we're getting to the crux of the matter.

Culinary union leader D. Taylor said the Democrat teachers' union was using 'Florida Republican tactics to suppress cooks, housekeepers, people of color and women.' He suggested the suit was driven by supporters of Obama opponent Hillary Clinton.

Them's fightin' words!

If I were Hillary I'd challenge Mr. Taylor to a duel.

Incidentally, isn't the Democrat Party supposed to be the party of "racial unity?" So, what gives?

Also, don't Florida Republicans control the voting machines down there? So, why would they need to suppress anyone's vote? They can dial in the results in advance, can't they?


Asked about the lawsuit while campaigning in Reno, Clinton said she was aware of it and hopes 'it can be resolved by the courts and the state party because obviously, we want as many people as possible to be able to participate....'

{wink, wink}

* * *
Here's a link to a report by the Associated Press, which provides the source material for this entry.

Hat tip: Rory.


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Comments (6)

Add to this:The Teac... (Below threshold)

Add to this:
The Teacher's Union, the advocates in this lawsuit for Hillary- why did they have a problem with these "at large precints" only after the Culinary Worker's Union endorsed Obama.

I question the timing.

{The "timing" also supports that it's not going too far out on a limb to believe that they are pursuing the lawsuit for Hillary.}

The precincts will get to choose more delegates proportionally than some entire counties in Nevada.

{I'm paraphrasing the claims from the pdf of the Teacher's Union lawsuit.}

Doess anyone know yet which court will hear the case?

Thank you Jayson for the hat tip.

What a buncha bigots.......... (Below threshold)

What a buncha bigots.......Harry Reid is involved You can bet.

Hopefully "nightcourt" will hear the case Rory.

cheaters cheaters cheaters.. the same kind of individuals You would play games with when You were a kid and they'd keep changing the rules so as to never lose.

Typical Clinton tactic - us... (Below threshold)

Typical Clinton tactic - using surrogates to do your dirty work, while publically denying any connection whatsoever.

Strange how the trolls are ... (Below threshold)

Strange how the trolls are inserting their noxious opinions on this matter. So Brian, Herman, BarneyMoron, Nogo...what 'cha ya think?

Actually it is not strange...what can they say?

I meant to say:Stran... (Below threshold)

I meant to say:
Strange how the trolls are NOT inserting their noxious opinions on this matter. So Brian, Herman, BarneyMoron, Nogo...what 'cha ya think?

Actually it is not strange...what can they say?

Do all casino's have Caucus... (Below threshold)
Bob Harmon:

Do all casino's have Caucus places or is it just Union Casino,s .also they are other's that can;t take off and go caucus what about them???????? so the union should not have any favors.
Bob Harmon
Ironworkers Local Union 433 (Retried)






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