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Ironic Liberal Media Headlines of the Day

Clinton, Obama spar as race heats up -- Reuters.

Was the pun about race intended, or not intended?

* * *
California Sheriff facing indictment retires -- AP.

Yeah, getting indicted when you're a Sheriff usually is a bad sign.

* * *
Luxury Shoppers Shut Their Purses -- Business Week

Would those be Fendi or Prada?

* * *
China says military buildup does not threaten U.S. -- Reuters.

Phew. I feel so much better now.

* * *
Study: Northeast winters warming fast -- AP.

I blame those ice age/global cooling stories my school teachers told me about in the halcyon daze of the 1970's.


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<a href="http://news.bbc.co... (Below threshold)

Cosmic dust disc to force rethink BBC: Kucinich rethinks his NH recount strategy.

Winner warns over Globes no-show: I mean really, it would be a shame to lose a platform for over-primped, overpaid and non-nonsensical political rants by "stars" great and small. To say nothing of the world's inability to watch people talking about each other's genitalia.

Still my favorite:... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:
I suspect you don't underst... (Below threshold)
M. Webster:

I suspect you don't understand the definition of irony. Not at all surprising.

"Study: Northeast winte... (Below threshold)

"Study: Northeast winters warming fast"

Why you post that here, Jayson? Conservatives aren't going to give a damn.

Herman reminds us that corr... (Below threshold)

Herman reminds us that correct policy is unimportant, only the facade of caring.

All lefty propaganda has a ... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

All lefty propaganda has a song...

Remember, we have to point a finger somewhere for the shit in our lives.

nogo war... do you ever hav... (Below threshold)

nogo war... do you ever have the feeling a thousand fingers are pointed your way?

Messing up the economy and ... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Messing up the economy and handing our form of government over to a world-wide governing body all for the sake of "saving the planet" while nobody can provide concrete proof that man-kind is actually having any sort of impact on the climate of this planet. Making a claim is not the same as proving something. Destroying the economy for a theory is about the stupidest thing i've ever heard in my life. ever. ever ever.

And Jayson, the warming isn... (Below threshold)

And Jayson, the warming isn't happening solely in the Northeast. It's also happening in the extreme south: From today's Washington Post:


Poor penguins. Poor environment. Poor us.

It will surprise no one tha... (Below threshold)

It will surprise no one that Herman can't read his own links of course.

From the article:

The Antarctic ice sheet is shrinking despite land temperatures for the continent remaining essentially unchanged, except for the fast-warming peninsula. The cause, Rignot said, may be changes in the flow of the warmer water of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current that circles much of the continent. Because of changed wind patterns and less-well-understood dynamics of the submerged current, its water is coming closer to land in some sectors and melting the edges of glaciers deep underwater. "Something must be changing the ocean to trigger such changes," said Rignot, a senior scientist with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. "We believe it is related to global climate forcing."

Martinson said researchers do not have enough data to say for certain that the process was set in motion by global warming, but "that is clearly the most logical answer."
emphasis added.
"Clinton, Obama spar as ... (Below threshold)

"Clinton, Obama spar as race heats up -- Reuters."

"Was the pun about race intended, or not intended?"

Well, No.

Then again, those are not Chicklet packets that come with stereo speakers

-which say DO NOT EAT -for smart folk like you, Jayson.

Herman - "Poor penguins... (Below threshold)

Herman - "Poor penguins. Poor environment. Poor us."

Poor melting glaciers! Poor, poor melting glaciers!

Herman how's about a simple thought/physical experiment.

Take a glass of water and fill it nearly to the top with normal tap water. Now take ice cubes and place in glass of water 'til it just touches the rim of the glass but doesn't spill over the side.

Now sit and wait.... tick-tock... tick-tock.

After some indeterminate time the ice cubes have melted.

What happened herman? Did your table top get wet?

NO!... Well hot damn! There in your very own kitchen you proved with, or without brain cells, Al Gore, a/k/a/ The Goracle, is full of turds to his eyebrows (along with many others) that melting glaciers will not, I repeat, will not result in NYC becoming the world's largest waterway populated by skyscrapers.

Ignorance on the issue like... (Below threshold)

Ignorance on the issue like Herman's is dangerous. Unfortunately, it is growing not shrinking. And it will lead to some really stupid policy in the future.

Roy Spencer discusses global warming economics.

SPQR,You made some... (Below threshold)


You made some mistakes regarding your emphasis. Here, let me fix it for you:

The Antarctic ice sheet is shrinking despite land temperatures for the continent remaining essentially unchanged, except for the peninsula.

Remember, I indicated only that warming was occurring in a place "extremely south," I didn't say where I was referring to.

And an even more severe mistake corrected:

Martinson said researchers do not have enough data to say for certain that the process was set in motion by global warming, but "that is clearly the most logical answer."

Try to think a little more next time, SPQR






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