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Still Time for a Surge in SC

If you decide who you are going to vote on based on polls and you are a Republican then you might think you have to vote for John McCain. He has some momentum coming out of New Hampshire and has made some gains in the polls and most are saying he is now the front runner. This year is pretty interesting though and as a result of the debate in South Carolina last week, Fred Thompson is experiencing something of a surge of his own. Will Fred build on his impressive debate performance and catch up to McCain and Huck in South Carolina? I don't know, but he sure has impressed the conservative blogosphere. Some even say he's hot. Is he hot enough to win in my sister state? I say yes he "is," but whether or not he "will" remains to be seen.


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GOP primary voters should v... (Below threshold)

GOP primary voters should vote for the best conservative candidate in the primaries. If McCain wins the nomination they can go ahead and close their eyes and vote for him in the general election. But to assume he's the nominee from his NH performance among INDEPENDENTS is the height of GOP folly. In fact it smacks of the same stupidity that claimed that Obama would win in NH.

I'm going to be serously bu... (Below threshold)

I'm going to be serously bummed out if Fred doesn't do well in the upcoming Primaries. No one else interests me.

Fred Thompson so far has be... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Fred Thompson so far has been like the Dallas Cowboys:

He SHOULD win, but he just doesn't seem to want to WORK enough to get it done.

I like the guy and want to support him, but someone needs to smack him around with Reality, wake him up and get him to understand the race has begun and he's still tying his freaking shoes.

So he should act like who ?... (Below threshold)

So he should act like who ? Edwards, Obama, McCain, Hillary ?
All are very clear about their desire to be President ...

Fred has two Senate wins (not attempts, wins) under his belt with the first being a real underdog fight. Maybe he knows alittle something about running for office ...

Freaking Romney is WINNING the GOP primary race right now ...

We are in the first inning and all you "coaches" want to pull the pitcher for throwing a ball ...

Calm down, find some principals that you will use to measure who you will support and quit looking at fraudulent polls for guidance ...

If He (Fred) keeps drilling... (Below threshold)

If He (Fred) keeps drilling home the " Get the damn fence built already" mantra He should do well. McCain and Huck a fee are both rhinos and We already have to many of those mucking it up in Washington.

I like the guy and want ... (Below threshold)

I like the guy and want to support him, but someone needs to smack him around with Reality

I think someone needs to smack you around with reality. Fred just doesn't want to be president. He only got into it because everyone told him he'd jump to the front just by signing up. That didn't happen, and what you're seeing now is his version of "oh, never mind."

It's a first, but Brian mig... (Below threshold)

It's a first, but Brian might be right on this one.

Fred is not only showing the signs of just going through the motions, he lacks an organization that can even take the primaries.

I'm waiting for the race to... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I'm waiting for the race to move to some conservative states so McCain can get smacked the F right down. McCain stands no chance unless democrats and independents help him win.

McCain is chump change compared to most of the other candidates out there and shouldn't even be a serious contender for president. The man is in shambles of his former self and he is a joke to be laughed at. Politically speaking of course.

Given Brian 's desire for t... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Given Brian 's desire for the "good" liars of the Democratic party to spin for the liberal agenda, definitely he would rather not have Fred Thompson as the Rep nominee.

I'd be behind Fred if he ac... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

I'd be behind Fred if he actually stood for something. He has been wishy-washy on the life issue and that ain't going to cut it. He supposedly schooled Huckabee on the Gitmo issue and ended up being wrong on that. He is NOT opposed to gay marriage. He did absolutely nothing in the senate. Fred is probably still a solid conservative, but not the Messiah that some of you who are less informed are dreaming about. I'm sorry, but he is a listless candidate who, as a nominee, would get his clock cleaned by the 'Rats in November.

I am sick of hearing people... (Below threshold)

I am sick of hearing people spewing the liberal talking points on Fred Thompson. I would like to see exactly WHERE DJ and company get the idea he's lazy and hasn't been doing a darned thing? He toured 50 cities in Iowa in December, not including going home for Christmas, then making 4 stops in TN on the way back to Iowa. (Sevierville, Cleveland, Memphis, Nashville)

He's in second place with DELEGATES, you know, those people you need to secure the nomination regardless of the "popular" vote us desk chair quarter backs toss his way. He's behind Romney and ahead of McCain.

They're having to turn people away from his venues or book BIGGER venues because there are too many people showing up to support him. You don't draw crowds like that by being laid back.

Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Savage, Ingrahm, and a host of other big talk show hosts are pushing him and his conservatism. You don't get their positive attention by being power hungry, say anything,attention whores.

He just received the Human Events Endorsement. REad their reasoning behind selecting him. The word lazy didn't appear in their endorsement. He has numerous Right To Life endorsements. Endorsements from judges, military generals, sports stars, country stars, and actors.

Do I need to keep going? What more do you want? A song and dance routine? The same crap flying out of everyone else's mouths? 10 second off the cuff sound bites that he has to defend at every turn? Knock down drag out fight with Alan Colmes? What? What do you want? Define fire in the belly? There's medicine for that. He isn't power hungry and promising everything under the sun, to hades and back to get elected. You want that? Then vote for Hillary.

AlanIs Huckabee th... (Below threshold)


Is Huckabee the messiah that You are dreaming about? He has zero chance in november as He is a Jimmy swaggert huckster in McCains clothing!!

In other words.. a liberal.

I don't know about a "surge... (Below threshold)

I don't know about a "surge" that translates into votes, but Thompson is getting more "buzz" over the last week than the other Republican candidates down here. He may be helped by Romney pulling his ads and staff out of the state.

Oh, and who cares what Brian thinks? About anything?

Alan go to fred08.com and r... (Below threshold)

Alan go to fred08.com and read about Fred before you start saying he doesn't stand for anything.

I'll give a you a crash course.

He's anti amnesty.
He's anti abortion.
He's pro second amendment.
He's pro first amendment.

Then go have a good hard look at the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Neither grant the government the right to legislate morality, ie who you can and can't marry, abortion etc. Fred knows this. Nor does it give the government the right to legislate government sponsored education, healthcare, or welfare of any kind.

Melissa,I supporte... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:


I supported Fred Thompson and even had the privilege of speaking with him at length about a few issues. However, he has run a horribly lifeless campaign and is simply not going to be our nominee. As you mentioned, he has had the entire conservative media behind him and he still has only about 10 percent of the Republican vote. How is he going win in November when he cannot even compete with two fellow Republicans who have taken a brutal beating from the conservative media. I agree with you that Fred would be a fantastic president... but I have to vote in 14 days and realize that he is not going to even come close to being the Republican nominee.

Then go have a good h... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

Then go have a good hard look at the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Neither grant the government the right to legislate morality, ie who you can and can't marry, abortion etc. Fred knows this. Nor does it give the government the right to legislate government sponsored education, healthcare, or welfare of any kind.

Perhaps you should take your own advice.

Preamble to the US Constitution

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Life and marriage are not m... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

Life and marriage are not morality issues. The primary role of the government is to protect us from foreign and domestic threats. An abortionist is a domestic threat.

From a Deadhead to a Fredhe... (Below threshold)

From a Deadhead to a Fredhead, time's they are a changing. Go Fred!






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