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Big Pig takes Pork crown

The Democrats may not have much to show for their vaunted agenda after taking control of the Congress last year, but they have excelled in at least one area: congressional pork. And no one was more successful at it than Abscam's "unindicted co-conspirator," the Round Mound of Money Found, the Plump Pony of Cronies, Rep. John Murtha, (D-PA). The New York Times dubs him "King of Pork":

Mr. Murtha led all House members this year, securing $162 million in district favors, according to the watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense. In all, eager members in both houses enacted 11,144 earmarks, worth $15 billion. Taxpayers may be inured to $113,000 for rodent control in Alaska or a million for Idaho's weed management. Mr. Murtha's universe is a far more complicated and costly creation of interlocking contractors who continue to feed at the public trough despite reviews questioning their performance.

In 1991, Mr. Murtha used a $5 million earmark to create the National Defense Center for Environmental Excellence in Johnstown to develop anti-pollution technology for the military. Since then, it has garnered more than $670 million in contracts and earmarks. Meanwhile it is managed by another contractor Mr. Murtha helped create, Concurrent Technologies, a research operation that somehow was allowed to be set up as a tax-exempt charity, according to The Washington Post. Thanks to Mr. Murtha, Concurrent has boomed; the annual salary for its top three executives averages $462,000.

Read it all at the above link. Of course, none of these "projects" has accomplished anything for our national defense or any other common good - unless you consider lining the pockets of Murtha's associates so they can keep him in office to deliver more taxpayer largesse to them the "common good."

Murtha is a thoroughly despicable man, which makes him eminently qualified for his position in the House Democratic Leadership.


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So Murtha's a jerk and a cr... (Below threshold)

So Murtha's a jerk and a crook, point taken. Tell me which party is in control of "rodent control in Alaska", and "Idaho's weed management."
"Murtha is a thoroughly despicable man, which makes him eminently qualified for his position in the House Democratic Leadership".

You know what, you jerk? Own up to the fact that both parties have jagoffs in office who rape the American taxpayer. Remember the "bridge to nowhere"? How many Rebublican congressmen and women are under indictment or investigation right now? Not to mention resigned in the last year or in fact, in prison. (Duke Cunningham, Bob Ney). You are quite laughable.

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Allow me to explain: this ... (Below threshold)

Allow me to explain: this post isn't about "The History of Pork" or "Great Porkers I Have Known," or even "A Congressional Rogue's Gallery," it's about the man the NYT named the "King of Pork."

I have previously blogged about Ney and Cunningham, for example, but I did it back when the news of their transgressions was timely. I fail to see how previous outrages make Murtha any less of a miscreant.

Maybe the demacrats need a ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Maybe the demacrats need a new symbol like replace the donkey with a picture of a old sow lying on her side with all the little piggies suckling away

Ryan... is that ass your ho... (Below threshold)

Ryan... is that ass your holding heavy?

If so may I suggest a good diet if you plan on getting your own handed to you.

And yes, I whole heartedly agree, Murtha is throughly despicable.

Hoo boy, I sure got my ass ... (Below threshold)

Hoo boy, I sure got my ass handed to me. What?

It was the Democrats who cl... (Below threshold)

It was the Democrats who claimed that they would change the way Congress did business.

They did, they put their pigs at the trough. Ryan decides to attack Jim which demonstrates Ryan's lack of aim.

Ryan--One of the problems w... (Below threshold)

Ryan--One of the problems with my first wife was she wouldn't talk about what was pissing her off today until she first listed every single thing that had pissed her off since the beginning of time. Each time she got pissed it took progressively longer to get to today's issue.

Yes, there are Republican porkers and they hack me off as much as Murtha. HOWever, Jack The Pork King is the soup de jour. Why can't you simply admit he's a sleezebag and let it go at that? Oh, that's right, you can't because... well... that would make so much sense.


Wasn't it the federal gover... (Below threshold)

Wasn't it the federal government that fought against organized crime?

Hell, give the socialists another hundred days.

Fox watching the hen house.

Jim attacked an entire part... (Below threshold)

Jim attacked an entire party when he said, "Murtha is a thoroughly despicable man, which makes him eminently qualified for his position in the House Democratic Leadership." I'm not gonna take that crap lying down. I am a staunch Democrat, and I admit again, like I did in my original post, that Jack Murtha is a scumbag, and I wish he would lose his seat, even if a Republican picks it up. But if you really wanna spar on corruption in political parties, then let's go.

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Ryan, calm down. No one wa... (Below threshold)

Ryan, calm down. No one wants to spar with you. There are other threads here where Republican corruption is the theme and I don't recall seeing you getting all indignant when Democrats aren't equally criticized at the same time.

The problem is that when a majority Democrat Congress is voted in and their main theme is to end the Republican "culture of corruption" while elevating their own corrupt members to even more powerful positions (or at least keeping them in their current positions) then criticism is due - even necessary.

So you're a "staunch Democrat". Fine. And you want to see the corruption from both parties end. Fine.

We ALL do.






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