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To most people, funerals are solemn occasions. They are a time to set aside the routine quarrels and disputes and remember that death is the great leveler, that it comes for all of us. To remember those who have passed on, perhaps with a touch of humor or anger, but the important things to recall are how they lived their lives and what lessons their life -- and death -- can be imparted.

That's most people. But to some, mainly those who revel in emotions over reason, who tout "feelings" as the ultimate arbiter, funerals are just another occasion to engage in their favorite sport -- partisan politics.

I remember several years ago, when Senator Paul Wellstone died. I didn't know much about the guy, but he as a United States Senator who died while campaigning for re-election. And I was disgusted when his memorial service was changed to an unannounced Democratic political rally. Vice President Dick Cheney, who constitutionally serves as president of the Senate, was firmly uninvited to attend, and several speakers urged the gathered mourners to honor Wellstone by voting for the Democratic candidate to replace him in the Senate. Then-governor Jesse Ventura stormed out in disgust at the tasteless display -- and when a man who used to make his living walking around in a Speedo, sunglasses, and a feathered boa calls something tasteless, you know it's bad.

Well, it's not just the funerals of their heroes that these people hijack. It's those of their opponents' loved ones.

I don't particularly care for Ann Coulter. I think she's a bomb-thrower of the highest magnitude, and far more hindrance to her political cause than help. About the kindest thing I think I've ever said about her is that I think she would be a fantastic Supreme Court nominee (but NOT Justice), just to see her face-to-face with the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Fun political fantasy: a Republican committee member asking her "Ms. Coulter, I would like you to expound on your opinion of the Democratic members of this committee, with your justification for those opinions. And I would remind the witness that she is under oath tto tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.")

Recently, Ms. Coulter lost her father. And she wrote a column about him, and just how greatly he had shaped her life.

That public appearance was enough to inspire one of the fine members of the Huffington Post community to give Coulter a full-blown Fisking.

And as someone who's done a bit of Fisking, it's not even a good one. It's filled with ad hominem (or ad feminem, to be nit-picky) attacks, with little substance. Oh, isn't it funny to say that Ann Coulter is masculine. And gosh, it's such a scream to say an FBI agent was a transvestite.

I have no doubt that Coulter will shrug this off. She's made of stern stuff -- and now we see that she comes by it honestly. And she's always been superb at ignoring the attacks on her and remaining on the offensive (occasionally, VERY offensive) to stick to her points. That some pissant dipshit asshole over at HuffPo took the occasion of remembering her father's life to take some cheap shots will most likely not even be a blip on her radar.

But we should notice it. And we should remember it.


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Comments (24)

Sorry, but after reading th... (Below threshold)

Sorry, but after reading the article, while pretty tasteless, is in essence, Coulteresque, and is fair, in my opinion.

Well, Jay, if you expected ... (Below threshold)

Well, Jay, if you expected human decency from the left, you deserve to be disappointed.

On the Right, Coulter is th... (Below threshold)

On the Right, Coulter is the exception not the rule. On the Left, not so much.

She definitely offends. But... (Below threshold)

She definitely offends. But I always think of her a tough and able to take the flak. She dishes it out and she can take it. To give her a chance to mourn the passing of her father is something all should be able to do. Apparently, democrats have no "line". All is fair. Nothing is indecent in their world. ww

Then, Ryan, may we presume ... (Below threshold)

Then, Ryan, may we presume you'll never complain about Coulter "going too far" or "being grossly in poor taste?"

Thanks for that affirmation.


Even some of the moonbats o... (Below threshold)

Even some of the moonbats ommenting over there took him to task.

No, mocking someone's dead ... (Below threshold)
Ryan M.:

No, mocking someone's dead father is over the line, period. Wether its CLintons, GOre's, LImbaugh's, KUchiniches. . .I don't care whose, that is a line that should not be crossed.

Had she tried to exploit he... (Below threshold)

Had she tried to exploit her father's death for some political point, she would have been fair game. But to attack her for having common human emotion in the loss of a parent is the kind of soulless, disgusting "kick 'em when they're down" attack one must expect from the Hard Left.

the worst of the right is s... (Below threshold)

the worst of the right is still classier than some of the best on the left ...

That was the most worthless... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

That was the most worthless piece I have ever read. It was simplay a series of random statements that didn't necessarily have anythin to do with anyhthing. I'm not sure how his hatred on Ann Coulter transalates into her father wearing dresses, but I assume he thinks that in his dementia.

You know, I have to give th... (Below threshold)

You know, I have to give the HuffPo a pass on this one. Ann not only chose her regularly scheduled column to eulogize her father, but to preserve much of her typical acidic style when doing so. ("Now Daddy is with Joe McCarthy and Ronald Reagan. I hope they stop laughing about the Reds long enough to talk to God about smiting some liberals for me.") If she can't choose to take a pause at her father's passing, I can't fault others for taking a pause at criticizing her, etiher.

This piece is just another ... (Below threshold)

This piece is just another JT dodge to get around the fact Coulter is an outrage beyond endurance & to give Coulter a pass in spite of her hate-filled screed. The HuffPo piece is nothing more than this _itch deserves. Who cares if Garbage mourns?

If JT really found this piece of rightwing hate witch so distasteful, he wouldn't be bending over backwards making his pointless point.

Such is typically the method of JT.

Everyone on the left (well ... (Below threshold)

Everyone on the left (well just about everyone) is similar to Ann Coulter. Difference is we have only one person, Ann herself. That little intellectually vacant sissy above me can't even handle the right having one person who's vitriolic. What a sad and pathetic person she is.

Ann Coulter doesn't care ab... (Below threshold)

Ann Coulter doesn't care about the opinions of the useless left. She wrote the column for herself and for her many readers and admirers. She absolutely knew that leftists would use this column to make fun of her and try to ridicule her father, and she doesn't care because they don't matter. Nothing they say can hurt her or make her stop giving her devastatingly true opinions.

I love how Ann outrages people. The ones who shriek are like the thief who is caught with his hand in your purse, and is outraged at being caught.

Oh yes those miserble bunch... (Below threshold)

Oh yes those miserble bunch of ghouls using a funeral as a big political debate shameless scoundrels

The saddest thing is that a... (Below threshold)
P, Bunyan:

The saddest thing is that as totally, horribly, deplorable and revolting as Kelly's article was it was not at all surprising or untypical of the left.

Hell, did ya ever visit wizbang blue?

I agree with mcg. I'm a Cou... (Below threshold)

I agree with mcg. I'm a Coulter fan, but even in this column I notice she can't resist making snarky (and some not-so-snarky) political points. So I can't get all huffy about the howler monkeys at the HuffPo flinging their usual poo. What Ann did was kind of like a conservative version of the Wellstone funeral.

I don't particular... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:
I don't particularly care for Ann Coulter. I think she's a bomb-thrower of the highest magnitude, and far more hindrance to her political cause than help.

Some of her observations may make folks wince, but they are always on target. I think some people find her distasteful not because of "bomb throwing", but because she speaks in harsh, indefensible realities... And some of those people use one of life's great tragedies to pounce as they percieve a moment of opportunistic weakness (which won't work on Ann, but I'm sure it's cathartic for the authors).

And anyone who thinks Ann looks masculine is harboring some other deep-seated issues.

Coulter, woman though she i... (Below threshold)

Coulter, woman though she is, is still more manly [as opposed to "mannish"] than the vast majority of her critics.

Like her or not, you cannot deny that she is always unafraid to speak her mind.

It's filled with ad homi... (Below threshold)

It's filled with ad hominem (or ad feminem, to be nit-picky)

Well, nit-picky, and incorrect, to be nit-picky ;). Hominem comes from the latin Homo, which refers to all humans. I didn't expect you to be repeating postmodern feminist misconceptions, especially in the context of a Coulter discussion (and no, that's not a crack about her sexuality; I just don't think she's big on feminist linguistic restructuring).

At least the scumbag confir... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

At least the scumbag confirmed "nogo war"'s real-life identity....

The column is terrible. An... (Below threshold)

The column is terrible. And it doesn't just attack Ann, who has *always* been fair game, it attacks her father very personally. Who made *him* fair game, huh?

The comments are just as bad. A few try to reasonably point out that the "fisking" is over the line. Most are simply reiterating the justification that allows them to hate without guilt.

"Who cares if Garbage mourns?"

And it shows up here, too. Hating just feels so GOOD, doesn't it? Poor little liberals feel so left out because they can't just hate all the time like conservatives. No, they have to make *excuses* to hate. Things like "but she started it!" or "But he hurt my feelings!"

"Who cares if Garbage mourns?"

And the left proves ideological kinship with Fred Phelps.

Not that most of us didn't already know this.

"Ann Coulter doesn't care a... (Below threshold)

"Ann Coulter doesn't care about the opinions of the useless left."
"Nothing they say can hurt her or make her stop giving her devastatingly true opinions."

Ann conveys conservative ideology in terms, that libtards can't help but hear.
Some conservatives may even call her "vitriolic", but the RAW TRUTH served up with a little style makes me a BIG fan..

"If she can't choose to ... (Below threshold)

"If she can't choose to take a pause at her father's passing, I can't fault others for taking a pause at criticizing her, etiher." - mcg

"I agree with mcg. I'm a Coulter fan, but even in this column I notice she can't resist making snarky (and some not-so-snarky) political points." - OregonMuse

I'd venture to guess that a big part of Ann's relationship with her father centered around a shared political philosophy. So why should she leave that out when eulogizing him? Because other's won't like it and she offers no apology?

Frazetta_girl is right. Ann doesn't care what they write about her. When people do this (people like Chris Kelly) it only confirms what she says.






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