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Immigration Enforcement Update -- FY 2007

Well, the numbers are in.

Here's what the Bush administration did in 2006-2007 re: immigration enforcement:

-- Deported 276,912 illegal aliens. That's a record for a single fiscal year.

-- Initiated 1,309 immigration document and benefit fraud investigations, leading to 1,531 document-related arrests and 1,178 convictions.

-- Made 4,077 administrative arrests and 863 criminal arrests in connection with worksite immigration enforcement. Secured civil fines and judgments in excess of $30 million against employers that violated immigration laws.

-- Arrested 1,558 visa status violators.

-- Began screening for criminal aliens among existing inmate populations at all 114 federal prisons. Initiated deportation proceedings against 164,296 incarcerated aliens.

Those are last year's highlights. Here's a link to the full report. As they say, read the whole thing.


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Pretty impressive, but it's... (Below threshold)

Pretty impressive, but it's impossible to deport illegals faster than the estimates of their numbers are raised.

Of course, there have been numerous recent reports (filed by freelance correspondent Anne Eckdoat) that illegal immigrants in Arizona and Oklahoma are "self-deporting" after tougher employment laws passed in those states. I don't think they are being counted among the deportees, though.

Maybe someone should put a "sign-out" book at the border, so we can keep the numbers straight?

But we need to enforce the ... (Below threshold)

But we need to enforce the laws we have. Heard that before. This is reality, not the Rush Limbaugh show. With an estimated 12 M illegals, even at record pace, it will take 40-45 years to deport them all, not to mention the resources involved. I personally don't beleive significant numbers will self-deport. What are they going back to? Its worth the risk that some contractor or whomever will hire them.

The solution is clear. Deport the criminals and recent arrivals, secure the border (even if a fence isn't necessary everywhere) set up a worker program, acknowledge the past criminal behavior, let the punishment fit the crime (the Pilgrams were illegal aliens too) and integrate most of these people into US society (eliminate federal funding for bi-lingual education as a start)who only want the same thing as you and me.

Don't believe any of it....... (Below threshold)

Don't believe any of it....just like I don't believe the economy is so good. Beltway, moneyed elite are usually way out of touch.

I do believe we're deporting more but it's pretty meaningless if the numbers coming in are higher than those deported. Plus, as was publicized a few months ago, the average illegal has been deported and returned SEVERAL times. In other words, that's why we need a double layer fence.

It's all smoke and mirrors to make the public believe that we're "doing something".

let the punishment... (Below threshold)
let the punishment fit the crime (the Pilgrams were illegal aliens too)

The pilgrims were illegals? How so?
Where are your sources to back this up?

Exactly Maggie...."the pilg... (Below threshold)

Exactly Maggie...."the pilgrims were illegal"? Give me a break. Learn some history, Rich. Or are you an employer who wants a never-ending supply of slaves, I mean illegals, I mean, "hard working amigos"?

The US admits more legal immigrants each year than all other nations in the world combined, each and every year. Just enforcing immigration law, that would deport illegal immigrants, would still leave us the most welcoming country in the world.

However, many, many Americans also want a reduction in legal immigration for at least a few years. I agree. There's been excessive immigration for 10-15 years now, we need a time-out.

This is all about employer greed and the transferring of half of Mexico's population here.

Rich to compare today's ill... (Below threshold)

Rich to compare today's illegals to the Pilgrims of the early 1600's is silly.

First, there is a difference between immigrants and pioneers/colonists, etc. Immigrants move to already established societies. Pioneers/colonists create something out of (virtually) nothing.

Today's immigration is mostly about chronically corrupt Mexico and it's desire to send another 20, 30, 40 million of it's peasants to our country. The American people don't want it. Why do you?

Ray,I asked you a ... (Below threshold)


I asked you a question, you did not answer.
Where are your sources?
And insulting in your comment wins you

No Maggie......mis-communic... (Below threshold)

No Maggie......mis-communication. I agree with you and was criticizng Rich's "pilgrims were illegal" nonsense.

My apologies Ray. I misread... (Below threshold)

My apologies Ray. I misread you.

No biggie Maggie...I figure... (Below threshold)

No biggie Maggie...I figured you didn't mean me! :)






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