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Ironic Media Headlines of the Day

Kucinich loses appeal to join MSNBC debate -- MSNBC

You can't even make that stuff up.

* * *

Clinton, Obama vow to bury race debate -- Associated Press

{wink, wink}

* * *
Grammys seek waiver to use Hollywood writers -- MSNBC

Talk about self-parody.

* * *
Brazil's Lula says Fidel Castro lucid and healthy -- Reuters

News flash, Chomsky, mentally speaking Fidel hasn't been "healthy" since the days of Batista. Physically speaking the guy belongs with Robert Byrd in Madame Trousseau's wax museum.


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Hell, I'd take Robert Byrd ... (Below threshold)

Hell, I'd take Robert Byrd and his dead dog in a fair fight against Fidel any day. Of course, Fidel hasn't been interested in a fair fight since the day after he took power.

I make it a practice never to celebrate anyone's death, irrespective of their politics or personal history. When Fidel assumes room temperature, though, I will make an exception.

Thanks 4 da AM chuckles!</p... (Below threshold)

Thanks 4 da AM chuckles!

Re: Fidel Castro. I just ... (Below threshold)

Re: Fidel Castro. I just watched a special on (I think) Discovery Times (maybe it was the Bio channel) last night about Raul Castro. In it they almost elevated Fidel to sainthood to demonize Raul. Don't get me wrong. Raul is a very bad guy. But he stands alone in his evil and so does Fidel.

That's like portraying only Bonnie's soft side to get the point across that Clyde was a bad guy.

What makes Kucinich's bid s... (Below threshold)
Jim in Cleveland:

What makes Kucinich's bid so hypocritical is the fact that election year after election year he refuses to debate his challengers for his House seat, including Republicans, Independents, and Democrats. He is an absolute embarrassment.

Jim in Cleveland

What a coincidence! We hav... (Below threshold)

What a coincidence! We have a newly-opened Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum here in Washington DC. It sounds almost identical to your Madame Trousseau's Wax Museum.






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