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Michigan: Final Tallies

For those who are curious:

1. Romney -- 39%
2. McCain -- 30%
3. Huckabee -- 16%
4. Paul -- 6%
5. Thompson -- 4%
6. Giuliani -- 3%
7. None of the above -- 2%
8. Hunter -- 0%

* * *
Next stops: South Carolina (GOP) and Nevada (GOP and Democrats).


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I'm gonna pull a "Kerry '04... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I'm gonna pull a "Kerry '04 voter line" and say the following: I voted Thompson, don't blame me...

It just shows you what a sad state of affairs this state of Michigan is in when Ron Paul, aka RuPaul gets more votes than Thompson... But all of us conservatives here also though DeVos had a shot over Granholm in '06. ha.... This state is fucked up...

I voted for Thompson, too. ... (Below threshold)

I voted for Thompson, too. 4% isn't too bad for someone who didn't campaign here.

Hmm. The strategy guys were... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Hmm. The strategy guys were wrong. They thought Thompson wouldn't break 2%... He did better than planned.

Screw McCain.I was... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Screw McCain.

I was hoping Romney would lose though so he would show the media he could lose in MI and not drop out...

Now they will all say it's because he won in MI that he didn't drop out, which is bullshit.

BS, Barbara Streisand, Bull Stops, BS, everything along those lines. Romney would have chugged on even had he not won MI. Irrelevant.

Everyone keeps saying Ron P... (Below threshold)

Everyone keeps saying Ron Paul has no chance and isn't a viable candidate, well defeating Thompson and Giuliani is pretty substantial in my book. His message of liberty and limited government is resounding with voters. He is 100% consistent in his voting record.

"4% isn't too bad"... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

"4% isn't too bad"

Wow, that most impressive spin.

I was hoping that Ron Paul ... (Below threshold)

I was hoping that Ron Paul would have done a little better in Michigan. It just goes to show that the masses will watch the mainstream media, see who's polling the highest and vote for a person while having no concept of what or who they are. All of the top candidates on both parties are CFR members. Each of them have recently written "globalist leaning" featured articles in Foreign Affairs (the CFR magazine) and preach (yes, even Huckabee) the establishment "Bush /Cheney" message regarding this ridiculous "War on TERRORISM" (the fear message). I am just glad that 50,000 plus people in Michigan know better who voted for Ron Paul. Their numbers just add to the growing army that Ron Paul is forming. The other Rep and Dem voters will fall back asleep after the November election anyway. That's when we (the Ron Paul voters) will really go to work and take action in the congressional districts keeping a close watch on our freedom and liberty.

"ridiculous war on terro... (Below threshold)

"ridiculous war on terrorism"?


And eventually, the Ron Pau... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

And eventually, the Ron Paul supporters will make this a country safe for The White Master Race!

As smelly as "the masses" c... (Below threshold)

As smelly as "the masses" can be, I still prefer them to the lunatic conspiracy-nut fringe.

A good wash gets rid of body odor. The stench of those who rail against "the money brokers" (wink, wink) just never goes away.

That's right - I said it. Go ahead and call me a "pawn of the Israeli lobby" if you like.

I dunno which stinks worse,... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

I dunno which stinks worse, Jim... A damned, dirty hippy, or a Ron Paul voter.

Listkeeper, I prefer the di... (Below threshold)

Listkeeper, I prefer the dirty, smelly hippy -- at least with them, you know instantly that they're worthless.

The Paulbot assholes, though... they're like the Scientologists of politics. They look and act relatively normal right up until the crazy comes bursting out.

As Sutton, New Hampshire's town clerk recently found out.

And to steal a line from Molly Ivins about Pat Buchanan: don't knock Ron Paul's newsletters. They read much better in the original German.


Oh, yes... I remember the o... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Oh, yes... I remember the originals... Especially back at the height of the militia movement. Every newsletter a gem of pro-white insight and philosophy.

Seems to me crossover Democ... (Below threshold)

Seems to me crossover Democrats are probably responsible for Ron Paul.

I mean if your Republican vote was meaningless and you crossed over to vote in the Democratic Primary who would you vote for? Hillary, Obama, or Kucinich?

They'd vote for Hillary, be... (Below threshold)

They'd vote for Hillary, because as much as they claim to hate her, its really just a personality thing. She is as neo-conservative as any republican, she just has no ethics, a shrill voice, and an annoying cackle of a laugh... but deep down, she is a pragmatist and believes that we should police the world and bomb third world countries for no reason (see Yugoslavia) just like Bush.

"Ron Paul is a racist" is just a BS way to negate his message without addressing the issues. How about how the fed is destroying the dollar and causing oil prices to rise? Who wants to debate whether Ron is wrong on that one? That is the most important issue facing America right now. How about how Social Security is going to be completely broke in 20 years. How about how we can't afford to mortgage our country to be Team America World Police? Saudis buying up weapons and bailing out our banks? Everything is going wrong, and no one else is talking about it. The media is more concerned about Obama being black and Hillary crying. WHO CARES!

It's a bummer that Fred did... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

It's a bummer that Fred didn't do better, Mrs. Bunyan and I both voted for him. But it's not at all unexpected and just more testiment to the power of the media to manipulate the masses.

Well, at least those damn phone calls (mostly from Huckabee, but some from McCain, too) will stop-- at least until fall!

Ron Paul? Defeating Giulian... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Ron Paul? Defeating Giuliani and Thompson? Since when is the primary over after 3 liberal states? Ron Paul is a whackjob. Plain and simple. He might be getting more votes in liberal states, but the Democrats had no one to vote for in MI as well.

Also take note that this is the state that re-elects Granholm to a second term after she drove our state into a one state recession. This is also the state that has Kwame Kilpatrick as the Mayor of Detroit. This state is absolutely stupid when it comes to politics. People make fun of the south for being dumb/uninformed or whatever any other typical stereotypes are, but the stereotypes fit here in MI. I've lived here all my life and the state is full of dopes. Union lifers and people that expect the government to do everything for them.

The people this state elects shows exactly why we are in a one state recession. We deserve it since we keep electing these idiots.

After reading these posting... (Below threshold)

After reading these postings...It confirms my suspecion, NEVER to visit. But, then again the Klan State of the North did vote for Engler.

It reads like ignorant ZZ postings from the Reich.
No WONDER...you are upset that Heir Thompson lost.

You vilify a man (Ron Paul, with a 30 year record) that runs on respecting the US Constitution?

I am hoping you do know WHAT that is.

Yeah, um so far all the Dr.... (Below threshold)

Yeah, um so far all the Dr. Paul bashers have said is that he is a wack job or a elitist white supremist. The ones that say he is a wack job are doing nothing but repeating what the mainstream tells them to repeat and offer no rational for their opinion. The people who call him a white supremist are misinformed and also listen to what they are told to beleive without looking in to the situation. (He didn't write those articles and stopped writing them years before they came out. Furthermore it is impossible to imagine a racist libertarian.)
So unless there is something else, intelligent and thoughtful, to say, please keep the Paul bashing to a minimum. I mean he is the only one addressing important issues. Everyone is spewing a bunch of circumlocutive garbage.






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