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Nuts Will Out

Sometimes it takes a little time, but eventually the sheer craziness of some people shows through. And we're seeing that, here in New Hampshire, with the Ron Paul psychos.

In Sutton, New Hampshire, the Town Clerk is charged with reporting the vote totals to the state. And in last week's presidential primary, there was a clerical error. The tallies omitted the votes for Ron Paul. And the clerk one Ms. Jennifer Call, instead of questioning the blank spot, initially reported that the Savior Of America got no votes.

She discovered her mistake the next day, when one voter called up and said they had voted for Paul, so the zero number was a mistake. She was horrified, and double-checked her numbers. The found the error, and promptly told the state that The Only True Republican had, indeed, garnered 31 votes.

For making that mistake, and correcting it as soon as she discovered, Ms. Call has been subjected to dozens of phone calls, dozens of e-mails, and accusations of treason, death threats, and accusations of destroying American democracy.

Here's a message for the Ron Paul psychos out there, from one proud New Hampshirite:

Fuck you.

If that doesn't properly convey my outrage and my hostility and my fury, let me elaborate:

Fuck you with a rusty chainsaw, you paranoid, psychotic assholes.

One woman made a mistake, and omitted 31 votes out of 920 total votes. She omitted 31 votes out of the over 18,000 votes your hero won. And the instant she found out about it, she fixed it.

She made a very understandable error, and you're going absolutely apeshit bonkers over it. You're making her life a living hell, forcing her to change her phone number and live in fear for her life. (No exaggeration; at least one person said she ought to be shot.)

The town clerk in Sutton, New Hampshire. A town so small, I can't readily place its location -- and I've lived in this state for my entire life.

Oh, yeah, it's just about 30 miles from here, and maybe 1,500 people. JUST the kind of place I'd think of to kick off a Grand Conspiracy To Destroy The Only Man Who Can Save America.

Hey, Paulians, go back to finding new ways to rationalize the white-supremacist Ron Paul Newsletters sent out under his signature that he never read and sue big media for treating your guy like the lunatic he is. Just leave our town clerks alone.


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Comments (11)

Jay - thanks for telling it... (Below threshold)

Jay - thanks for telling it like it is and not putting up with any shit from the Paulines. I, for one, am sick and tired of those Paul-supporting wackjobs making like they are conservatives. They arent politcally conservative at all. They arent even libertarian. They act more like a bunch of anarchists. No - make that racist, whako anarchists.

She omitted 31 votes out... (Below threshold)

She omitted 31 votes out of the over 18,000 votes your hero won. And the instant she found out about it, she fixed it.

Fixed it the morning after the primary, before she even started getting calls, I might add.

Just another part of the Jew financier run conspiracy to take our guns and give them to welfare loafers. And something about the Trilateral Commission....

JT, how do you really feel ... (Below threshold)

JT, how do you really feel about this? I am picking up ambiguity. Seriously, these people are whacko's. They are out there. Unfortuately they are mostly Libertarians. Gives them a bad name. ww

Oh, for anyone interested i... (Below threshold)

Oh, for anyone interested in keeping up with the Ron Paul disaster, The Ron Paul Survival Report is doing a fantastic job.

They dug this up yesterday from the Ron Paul forums:

1. Yes.. SOME of our ... Supporters are nuts ..

2. Some of the people here are not supporters of Ron Paul but claim they are.

3. The possibility that the people who called/sent email's /etc to this woman threating her and calling her names. Are actually not Ron paul supporters but GOP or even Democrat's who are trying to soil Ron Paul's name is quite high.

4. The recount will be done.. UNTIL the recount is done and a investigation is done NO ONE knows exactly all the facts. So i Caution anyone from causing hysteria before there is some evidence to prove without a doubt that fraud took place.

5. Those people who did harass this poor woman do not support Ron Paul.. If they did they would never have done what they did.

6. Until Proof Beyond a shadow of a doubt is presented we can not rationaly form a INFORMED opinion about this issue.

Damn Republicans (or even Democrats!) are so scared of Ron Paul they have resorted to harassing local officials in Sutton, NH, ground zero of the anti-Paul conspiracy.

Didin't I hear that he and ... (Below threshold)

Didin't I hear that he and Kucinich were asking for a statewide recount?

It was Kucinich and Republi... (Below threshold)

It was Kucinich and Republican Albert Howard (apparently looking to boost his 30 votes) who asked for the recount, and they're getting it, as long as they pony up the cash to pay for it by this afternoon.

Ron Paul. KooKoo for Cocoa... (Below threshold)
Piso Mojado:

Ron Paul. KooKoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Sheesh, what a disgrace for Texas.

While they're at it, they c... (Below threshold)

While they're at it, they can do a recount in Iowa too.. to validate all the out of state votes that Obama bussed in.

Looks like the PaulBots gre... (Below threshold)

Looks like the PaulBots greeted Giuliani in Florida, with predictable results.

"The crowd of cheering Giuliani supporters were in the majority here, but a healthy contingent of Ron Paul supporters were also waging a vocal counter-assault. In the background, a pro-life crusader with a megaphone screamed "Rudy is a baby-killer!," as he had at every stop all day.

And note that last line, the nut case had been following Rudy's bus from town to town all day.

Jay, you missed an opportun... (Below threshold)

Jay, you missed an opportunity here to tie this to a larger problem...remember those states (including the tiny state of CA) that are trying to pass laws requiring their votes in the electoral college be given to the person receiving the most nationwide popular votes? Well this little incident in insignificant Sutton will be repeated in each and every little town and big city (if I were an elections official in a place like Chicago I'd quit) every election day, FL 2000 would be repeated in every town, in every county trying to find one vote here, one vote there. A few votes begged, borrowed, or stolen in every town could easily be the deciding factor in who get's CA's electoral votes, not just the voters in CA itself. Picture the chaos. Just try to picture it. I don't even think I can.

Paul people are a bunch of ... (Below threshold)

Paul people are a bunch of freeks. Over-thinking doesn't impress if it's over-thinking at an embicilic level. And it's a bit paranoid/delusional.

I do think there are a large subset of Paul supporters who have conditions which are medically diagnosible. Doctor, heal thyself!






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