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For the record I'm denying all responsibility...

Anyway I've managed to screw up access to all the other Wizbang sites by mucking about with the Apache configuration on our server. It was, of course, done with the best of intentions. I'm working on restoring access to all the sites. It's a simple config directive (he says confidently), which should be fixed shortly. Commenting my be wonky as well. I'll provide updates to this post throughout the evening...

Update (2:00AM): Fat fingered a number in the Apache config file. Upgrading to Apache 2.2 blew away all the redirects to the subsites, so I had to re-enter them. It took a few mintues to figure out, but it turns out I was just using the wrong IP address. That's fixed and everything is back to normal.


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Wizbang. Normal. Riiiiigh... (Below threshold)

Wizbang. Normal. Riiiiight...

Yeah, Kevin, we all underst... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Kevin, we all understood that. I have a question: HUH? ;-) ww






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