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Bush Exempts Navy from Environmental Law, Anti-submarine training to proceed despite left-wing enviro lawsuit

President Bush on Wednesday exempted the Navy from an environmental law so it can continue using powerful sonar technologies in its anti-submarine warfare training off the California coast, notwithstanding a lawsuit brought by left-wing environmentalists and a prior court order enjoining the use of sonar by a Clinton-nominated federal trial judge.

That's true, Ross Perot, presidents have vast and at times unilateral powers, not only in connection with foreign policies but also in connection with business-related laws and regulations.

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Here's a link to the Associated Press' report. For obvious reasons the AP couched this news item quite differently.


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Comments (4)

Maybe He could get a clue a... (Below threshold)

Maybe He could get a clue and do the same thing for Anwar/nuke energy and refinery facilitys not to mention all the other billions of barrels of oil in the gulf.

914,Exactly! Where h... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Exactly! Where has this stuff been?? He should have been out there fighting these people since day 1! But instead he signs a bill getting rid of the incandescent light bulb. Thomas Edison is rolling over in his grave.

Exactly what ive been think... (Below threshold)

Exactly what ive been thinking the last 6/7 years?? open the damn oil fields potential and the price of gas will probably drop like a rock. and to hell with the enviro whack jobs. what are they going to do? go on a hunger strike out in the middle of the frozen tundra or something.. who cares? and good riddance.

Time to go tell the green w... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Time to go tell the green weenies to GO TAKE A HIKE and SCREW GREENPEACE






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