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Illegal Immigrants Forced North, Crackdown along southern border affecting patterns

Illegal immigrants are heading deeper into the U.S. to find work and to avoid deportation as crackdowns in border states like Texas and Arizona make life more difficult for them.

Since 2005 the U.S. Border Patrol has ramped up surveillance along the Southern border, assisted by a National Guard deployment, while state legislatures and local law enforcement authorities also have targeted illegal immigrants.

'Texas is crawling with Border Patrol agents and the locals are so tuned in that if they see you walking down the street they phone the Border Patrol, who come and deport you,' said Joe Reyes, 45, who lived illegally for seven years in Houston before being deported last November.

'I'm heading for North Carolina if I can get back across [the border],' he said at the Catholic-run shelter in Nuevo Laredo, across the border from Laredo, Texas.

The Bush administration hired thousands more Border Patrol agents in 2006 and 2007 to help deport immigrants who had entered the country illegally or overstayed their visas, to carry out workplace raids, to jail illegals and to help push local police to enforce federal immigration laws.

While workplace raids are common in Central and Northern states, Arizona and Texas are now arguably the toughest places for illegal immigrants.

In Arizona, once a key destination for border crossers, companies are laying off illegal workers after a new law passed by the state's GOP legislature came into effect on January 1, which severely punishes companies that hire illegals.

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-- Economics 101.
-- Politics 101.
-- Public Policy 101.

On full display.

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Here's a link to Reuters' version of events; that report provides much of the source material for this entry.


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Comments (14)

Let's send them to Mass. an... (Below threshold)

Let's send them to Mass. and New York. The liberal politicians seem eager to give them amnesty. Let the good citizens of those blue states get some experience with supporting them.

No, not North Carolina! I a... (Below threshold)

No, not North Carolina! I agree with the COgirl, go to New York or Mass.

Hopefully the people of Nor... (Below threshold)

Hopefully the people of North Carolina will wake up and the state troopers will be watching for (Joe Reyes, 45) and the other criminal invaders. I recently made a trip to N.C. and when I got to the bottom of Fancy Gap (I-77) I thought I had fallen asleep for a few days and driven into Mexico. Soon the citizens will tire of paying the welfare (total upkeep) for thousands of criminals.

All Joe Reyes needs to do i... (Below threshold)

All Joe Reyes needs to do is go about 40 miles north to Eagle Pass, they'll let him in.... http://myinnerscream.blogspot.com/2008/01/texas-town-wont-build-wall.html

Actually we good people of ... (Below threshold)

Actually we good people of NY told the Governor to go to hell when he tried to legitimize illegals. Polls showed 75% were against it and Spitzer's approval ratings are now lower than Bush's.

oh great! here comes anothe... (Below threshold)

oh great! here comes another one. sheesh,just what we needed.

Exactly right Jayson. It's... (Below threshold)

Exactly right Jayson. It's good news, moderately good news for we need not a small increase in the Border Patrol agents but a large increase in their number - increase quickly by 10 - 15,000 the number of agents.

All these issue though are secondary and tertiary. The real issue is why can't a nation like Mexico, not a poor country, create a stable, half-way legitimate and fair, environment where business can create jobs?

Mexico is a fairly rich country, compared to the rest of the world, yet they are unable to create jobs.

I think it's their culture. From what I've read, about half of working Mexicans don't pay income tax - they work "off the books". Therefore the government can not raise revenue to perform the foundational tasks every government needs to accomplish (infrastructure, enforcement, etc.)

That being said, Bush is too emotionally connected to Mexico and Mexicans to really enforce the law on them. It's basically smoke n mirrors.

Mexico is a basket case. T... (Below threshold)

Mexico is a basket case. Their economy is hobbled by corruption and incompetence.

Ray is correct: by any rational measure, Mexico should be one of the leading economies of the "developing" nations. They have abundant resources, including oil, industrious people, long coastlines on both sides, and are situated next door to the biggest consumer market in the world. Yet, they can't create jobs for their people or take care of the most basic infrastructure needs.

Their government-owned energy and telecom industries are prime examples of both corruption and inefficiency. Had Vicente Fox implemented the reforms he promised upon entering office, Mexico would probably be rivaling China as one of the fastest-growing economies today.

The problem of massive immigration from Mexico can't truly be solved until Mexico itself is "fixed."

Thanks Jim....I only know w... (Below threshold)

Thanks Jim....I only know what I've been reading about Mexico for 7-8 years now. As you say, with their oil, fertile farm land, great coastlines, next door to "our example" of economics and governance, etc., they should be at least to the level of Canada. I read a few months ago that Mexico is ranked in the top 15 nations in the world, wealth-wise.

Yet decade after decade, their greatest export is the Mestizo peasant. That's pathetic.

I tend to think if we clamped down harder on the illegal immigration "invasion", that might be a way of giving Mexico "tough love" in order to get them to get their act together.

The American people have spoken. They don't want this endless stream of illegals coming here, breaking numerous laws, suppressing wages and running up the costs of schools and hospitals.

Get your act together Mexico!

Movement inland from the bo... (Below threshold)

Movement inland from the border isn't the only effect that the crackdown is having. According to a radio interview I heard recently, to avoid getting caught while crossing back and forth, many illegal seasonal workers are simly staying here year round.

According to a radio int... (Below threshold)

According to a radio interview I heard recently, to avoid getting caught while crossing back and forth, many illegal seasonal workers are simly staying here year round.

I read the same thing, only it noted that many of them are now bringing their families with, whereas previously they had stayed in Mexico.

Sending them back home is a... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Sending them back home is a good way of getting them out of the shadows.

The problem Rance and manti... (Below threshold)

The problem Rance and mantis is that less than 15% of illegal amigos pick crops on farms.

Most have flooded into landscaping, construction, restaurants, hotels, etc., taking jobs from younger and poor Americans, driving down wages and costing towns a lot in the added burden of schooling and "free" emergency room healthcare for them.

Ray -- Your point is exactl... (Below threshold)

Ray -- Your point is exactly on target. What most folks ignore (or don't know) is that the vast majority of illegals depress the job market on the lower end of the scale--not just crop-picking. They do keep wages down for labor-intensive entry level jobs while lessening the available market for our own poor and for kids just starting out.







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