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Judge Grants Land to Feds for Border Fence, Liberal media dismayed

U.S. District Judge Alia Ludlum ordered the city of Eagle Pass, Texas, to hand over to the federal government 233 acres along the Southern border on which the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) plans to construct physical border fencing.

The government filed suit on Monday. Judge Ludlum's ruling was made that same day. The city was notified of the ruling on Tuesday. DHS is endeavoring to complete 370 miles of fencing before the close of fiscal year 2008.

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Here's a link to the Associated Press' spectacularly biased and agenda-driven report.

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P.S. - That judge was nominated -- go figure -- by George W. Bush.


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Comments (5)

Eminent domain ... its not ... (Below threshold)

Eminent domain ... its not news.

Liberal media dismayed?... (Below threshold)
The Great Cornholio:

Liberal media dismayed?

Amnesty DJ Drummond is dismayed. Bush, McCain, and "Tell the bigots to shut up" Lindsey Lohan are dismayed.

As SPQR notes, there was ne... (Below threshold)

As SPQR notes, there was never any question as to whether eminent domain applied.

I'm not familiar with the flow of illegals in the area. If it's heavy, it's a good place to put fencing. If it's light and sporadic, it would have been better to start elsewhere.

Eagle Pass is right on the border, with several small cities not far on the other side, so it could well be a prime candidate.

Of course, "amnesty" or any other method of dealing with those already in the country is a completely separate issue from stopping border crossings in the first place.

I didn't notice that this A... (Below threshold)
Rovin Author Profile Page:

I didn't notice that this AP writer did her homework enough to mention the the US congress passed a bill to build this fence and secure major portions of the southern border.

Must a slipped her liberal pea brain.

I still think all our polit... (Below threshold)

I still think all our politicians should be fired as traitors for not building the fence on 9/12






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