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Obama's spiritual mentor plays the Monica Card

It's getting down and dirty in the Democratic nomination contest, and racial politics seems to be taking over the race. Leave to Afro-centric Obama pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. to lift us up by bringing Monica Lewinsky back into play . . . as reported in the Baltimore Sun, via Steve Gilbert at Sweetness & Light:

The packed house at Trinity United - some 3,000 in all - had been in the pews for almost two hours, energized by a 200-voice choir and a rousing dance performance Sunday, when the Rev. Jeremiah Wright stepped up to speak.

Wright is well-known in Chicago and in the black church world for taking over a small United Church of Christ congregation in 1972 and turning it into an 8,000-member powerhouse. More recently, his name has become familiar as the longtime spiritual mentor of Barack Obama, who joined the church in 1988 - a move Obama says was important to shaping his identity as an African-American.

The connection has thrown a spotlight on some of Wright's more controversial remarks in a church that advertises itself as "unashamedly Black and unapologetically Christian" - at times espousing a black liberation theology that can sound as exclusionary as Obama's message is inclusionary. He has also equated Zionism with racism.

On Sunday morning - amid intensified crossfire between Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Obama over the use of race in the Democratic presidential campaign - Wright was preaching from the Gospel of John, using his powerful style to link the story of the loaves and fishes to a contemporary political message...

Some argue that blacks should vote for Clinton "because her husband was good to us," he continued.

"That's not true," he thundered. "He did the same thing to us that he did to Monica Lewinsky."

Read it all at the link above. Yep, that's the way to "bring us together," all right - a trip down memory lane with Monica as the Hostess with Mostess.

There's a touch of irony in the fact Obama was falsely assailed - including by several Clinton supporters - as being a Muslim, when the details of his actual "Christian" church's doctrines would prove far more damaging.

Just to keep one step ahead of our commenters, I must note that bringing up Monica ten years later really sucks . . .


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Zionism is a complicated to... (Below threshold)

Zionism is a complicated topic, with religious, nationalist and cultural zionism being distinct issues in the cultural history of the movement. I think it's fair to say any state that identifies itself as exclusivly a state for one race of people is, by definition, racist -- especially given democraphic realities in Israel. Fortunately, defining Israel as an exclusively "Jewish state" is not a consensus within the country.

In any case, equating Zionism with racism is at worst abhorent and at best horrifically uninformed.

And Obama's preacher's thinking is certainly quite damaging -- on par with the Mormon Church's and Huckabee's brand of theocratic Christianity. Like Romney, though, I think Obama will get a "free pass" and be allowed to define his beliefs for himself, instead of having his church's doctrines pinned on him.

I disagree.While a... (Below threshold)

I disagree.

While a discussion of "Zionism" from a historical perspective is indeed complex, this was not what Reverend Wright does when he uses the term.

Neither is a comparison with the religious beliefs of either Romney or Huckabee valid. They are both members of religious groups with long histories. If you go back far enough in any religious group, you can find some objectionable practices or beliefs - but such historical analysis bears no practical resemblance to the religions to which those men adhere. And neither is personally linked to any radical cleric.

Obama has, in the past, described Rev. Wright as a personal spiritual mentor and adviser. Wright's controversial preaching is hardly limited to the above quotes (the linked blog provides several linked articles relating to its history, including honoring Farrakhan).

Should Obama become the nominee, the radical beliefs of the church he chose to join and remain a member of will be heard, and it will not be to Obama's benefit.

Jewish isn't a race. Just a... (Below threshold)

Jewish isn't a race. Just ask all the Ethiopian Jews.

I'm not generally in favor of religious tests, but.....
Israel was a response to something ugly. For most of their history they have been reviled wherever they go as being "different" and of course, because they're generally more succesful than the average inhabitant of most countries. For over a thousand years they were "allowed" to live places, until some prince or king needed a convnenient scapegoat and, well, tag, Jew're it.
The Holocaust was merely the latest and most efficient pogrom against Jews, but they've been attacked where ever they've lived.
"Never Again" has little to do with their religion and lots to do with their desire to stay alive.

Barack Obama is not Muslim,... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Barack Obama is not Muslim, but Muslims think he once was.

Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim based on his paternal ancestry from a Muslim family in Kenya, his living in Indonesia (a Muslim nation) with a Muslim stepfather and attending a public school that gave religious instruction (as they all do in Muslim nations). While his mother did not practice any organized religion, his maternal grandparents were Muslim.

Anyone with this background is considered Muslim under Islamic jurisprudence. Obama converted to Christianity as an adult and I have no reason to doubt his sincerity. BO is not now Muslim, so why should we care? Well, as president, BO would have to deal with Muslim nations where he will be seen as an "apostate"; a crime punishable by death according to all five major schools of Islamic jurisprudence.

Should Americans be concerned about how BO would be viewed in the Muslim world? Only if you hope for peace and a continued supply of oil.

Just to keep one step ah... (Below threshold)

Just to keep one step ahead of our commenters, I must note that bringing up Monica ten years later really sucks . . .
Nah! It blows!






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