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Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away

Sorry for my absence today. My muse took a bit of a lurch, and instead of writing essays here, I churned out four chapters of my story over on the Naval Fiction message board. The saga of my fantasy ship, the USS Manchester, is now up to 15 published sections, taking her about halfway through the Battle of Midway, and garnering some pretty nice comments.

I have the epilogue and afterward already written, but I'm saving them until I've written everything else -- and I have a LOT more planned for this ship and her crew (and guest).

If you're the least bit curious about what I write when I'm deliberately making up stuff, and don't mind a bit of salt water seasoning to your fiction, please come over and poke around. I've already made some hefty changes to my original storyline thanks to several commenters, and wouldn't mind working in more if they fit.


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Jay,Muses are fick... (Below threshold)


Muses are fickle creatures. I write web fiction but of the sci-fi/fantasy variety. When I get a story idea rolling, the wife complains. All I talk about is the story I'm writing. If the fiction writing muse leaves me, I can't put three words together.

I served in the Navy but never on board ship. Maybe I'll check out what you wrote.



We wondered where you were,... (Below threshold)

We wondered where you were, and debated sending a search party. The vote ended up inconclusive.

Gee, thanks, Jim.R... (Below threshold)

Gee, thanks, Jim.

Reminds me of the sick CEO who got a card:

By a vote of 5-3, the Board of Directors wishes you to get well soon.


Well, there was a lot of di... (Below threshold)

Well, there was a lot of diversity of opinion. Some thought it called for an "open blog day" on the "when the cat's away" theory. Some wanted to send up a flare, others smoke signals, still others (okay, it was me) suggested putting Mr. Ducky on milk cartons.

In the end, cooler heads prevailed and a "wait and see" posture was adopted. What else could we do? None of us could identify the body anyway . . .


Okay, so where is this stor... (Below threshold)

Okay, so where is this story? I see the message board but it appears to be a bunch of stuff from numerous ppl. I checked out your profile and found the earliest part linked there is part VIII. Where's the beginning without having to scan through page after page of posts to find it (if it's there)? And do you link to each successive part?

Have you compiled all parts... (Below threshold)

Have you compiled all parts of the story in one place? It looks like a great read.






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