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Romney and reporter get into it

At a campaign stop in South Carolina, Mitt Romney gets into a testy exchange with AP reporter Glen Johnson. CBS has the video.

To summarize, Johnson - who resembles a young Michael Moore before the burger-and-fries diet showed results - asks Romney why his "campaign is being run by lobbyists," a charge Romney denies. Johnson comes up with ONE lobbyist who is an unpaid adviser to the campaign, and thinks he has something. He never gives up, because he is stupid, but the bystanding Southern lady tells him off at the end. Priceless!


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If you read powerline they'... (Below threshold)

If you read powerline they've been going after that reporter for his biased reporting on Romney for some time now.

The guys a shill for the Democratic party and he hates Romney. Money can't buy that kind of good advertising for the Romney camp.

Fred would have ripped his ... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Fred would have ripped his heart out and showed it to him while it was still beating.

Well, to be fair, he has se... (Below threshold)

Well, to be fair, he has several lobbyists on his campaign. If he states things like "I don't have lobbyists running my campaign" and when in fact he has lobbyists running his campaign he needs to be called out.


JP2 seems to be making a re... (Below threshold)

JP2 seems to be making a reappearance after a long absence. ARe you on parole or were you aquitted? ww

JP2 - They aren't 'running ... (Below threshold)

JP2 - They aren't 'running his campaign' just because theya re associated with it. What are you, McCarthy? "Are you now, or have you ever been, associated with any lobbyists in any way?"

There is no politician in the entirety of the united states that won't have one or two lobbyists ASSOCIATED with their campaign. But what is was asked is if they were RUNNING his campaign; As in, making the executive decisions. How about not trying to play the 'shifting semantics' game byt jumping from 'running the campaign' to 'associated with the campaign' and making out like they are the same thing?

I like the old lady that te... (Below threshold)

I like the old lady that tells Johnson "You're rude and ugly".

Rude and ugly is no way to ... (Below threshold)
Liberal Nitemare:

Rude and ugly is no way to go thru life son.

Romney spouts about being a... (Below threshold)

Romney spouts about being a DC outsider & was called out by an AP reporter for having a Washington lobbyist for a key advisor. This is typical Romney, casting himself in one light or another, sort of like the plat du jour.

That you people can't see the absurd hypocrisy of Romney's BS is merely an indication of just how many Republicans are congenetal hypocrites no matter what the topic or issue.

should read "congenital"</p... (Below threshold)

should read "congenital"

Jim, I think your descripti... (Below threshold)

Jim, I think your description is a bit off.

Johnson didn't ask him that question. He interrupted Romney's statement to call him on his claim -- and Romney also said he didn't have lobbyists "tied to my campaign."

Johnson is really quite a sight, sitting on the damn floor and all, but Romney's claim was bullshit. Ron Kaufman is the quintessential Washington lobbyist. In fact, he's the worst kind -- he demands huge money JUST for access (because he doesn't actually DO any of the hard work).

Maybe so, but the Johnson u... (Below threshold)

Maybe so, but the Johnson used the words "running the campaign" and the plural "lobbyists." Neither is correct.

What's really screwed about this is that Johnson doesn't report, he argues; he is combative.

He is not neutral. He is not a journalist.

He's an idiot left winger in drag.

Another driveby Phoenix? T... (Below threshold)

Another driveby Phoenix? The real issue is that regardless of Romney's campaign involvement with "lobbyists", it is not the role of an AP reporter to sit and argue.

So jp2, in a comment to a p... (Below threshold)
Uncle Pinky:

So jp2, in a comment to a post about soi-disant reporter Johnson being rude and combative, links to an article to support Johnson's alleged point that was written by famed impartial observer ... Johnson.


Leave it to jp2 and the oth... (Below threshold)

Leave it to jp2 and the other idiotic libs in here to not get the point - that an AP reporter shouldn't be arguing with a candidate. He should be reporting.

Imagine Glen arguing with Edwards and Hillary, etc. over all the lies they've told. Oh wait, it ain't a lie if you're on the same "team"... Got it.

"What's really screwed abou... (Below threshold)

"What's really screwed about this is that Johnson doesn't report, he argues; he is combative."

"He is not neutral. He is not a journalist."

Exactly, he along with most MSM is a douchebag with an agenda. The media should just REPORT and STFU...

NO ONE gives a rats ass what the MEDIA THINKS...

By the way--*I am NO Romney guy, I'm a Thompson guy*






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