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Clinton, Romney take Nevada caucuses

As expected, Mitt Romney won the Nevada Republican caucuses going away, with 55%. McCain and Paul are battling for second place at 13%. Romney was the only candidate to campaign actively in Nevada, so the result was a foregone conclusion - the only question was the margin.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has scored a decisive victory over Barack Obama, 50% - 45%, with the remainder going to Edwards (who pulled staff out of the state months ago). Obama had received the endorsement of the union which includes most casino workers, and the controversial "at large" caucus sites at the casinos themselves survived a legal challenge, so some thought the Illinois Senator had an edge.

This is an important win for Clinton, as Obama has built a significant lead in next weekend's South Carolina Democratic contest. This ensures Hillary will still have a winning record going into the key Florida primary which follows on January 29th. She holds a dominant lead in Florida polls, but if she had lost two in a row going into that state, the momentum would have all been with Obama.


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Comments (9)

Yep, Romney had to win Neva... (Below threshold)

Yep, Romney had to win Nevada or it would have been a crushing defeat for him. Prior to the vote analysts were saying a win of the high end polling at around 33% would be a huge victory for him.

Now that he has exceeded that by about 20%, what word can be used to describe his victory in Nevada? Crushing?

The opposite will be true for Fred Thompson in SC. If he stays in the race after SC and he only wins a distant 3rd or 4th, he's deluding himself and so are Thompson fans.

No delegates in Florida for... (Below threshold)

No delegates in Florida for the Democrats.

Nevada is a win for Romney,... (Below threshold)

Nevada is a win for Romney, but it's hard to make much of it when no one else competed actively.

Florida has "no" delegates because of the DNC penalty for holding their primary early. Any wagers those delegates are seated at the convention? I'm betting they will be, in both parties. So will the full delegations from Michigan and South Carolina (GOP for SC). The nominees will have entirely different priorities than the National Committees.

Landslide for Romney, crush... (Below threshold)

Landslide for Romney, crushing defeat for McCain..

Crushing defeat for Barak.. Edwards get lost.

McCain 5,559... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

McCain 5,559


Rightfully so wizbang ignores Paul..I know there is support for Thompson..

As much as Republicans want Clinton..Dems want Romney...

song we can all taps our toes to,,,

Mitt has no radio support<b... (Below threshold)
nogo war:
JA - "Any wagers those ... (Below threshold)

JA - "Any wagers those delegates are seated at the convention? I'm betting they will be, in both parties. So will the full delegations from Michigan and South Carolina (GOP for SC)

Interesting if that happens. Then the Mi delegates will ALL, but a handfull, be fore Clinton because she was the only one on the ballot there.

Nogo... Paul gets more than the attention he deserves, which ain't much.

Hillary loses delegate coun... (Below threshold)

Hillary loses delegate count in Nevada but wins popular vote?

I can hear the gnashing of teeth.

Hillary Clinton is riding o... (Below threshold)
Tim O.:

Hillary Clinton is riding on Bill's coattail. Bill will have to call in every favor and Token Black to endorse Hillary. I am a young black male, it is important to me to have a honest president that will keep America straight. Obama is that man! The Clintons believe in censorship, and control. This country needs a leader that won't show weakness, a Commander & Chief is stong, and will not break down and cry under stress.






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