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The last year in Iraq

The progress since December 2006 in Iraq in terms of areas contested by al Qaeda, coalition soliders killed in action, Iraqi civilian deaths, and incidents of ethnic/sectarian violence, in handy picture form that even leftists should be able to comprehend, courtesy of John Hinderaker of Power Line.

There are some people who live for bad news for America, especially from Iraq. I feel their pain, and kinda enjoy it . . .


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2 maps and 2 graphs - price... (Below threshold)

2 maps and 2 graphs - priceless and way too obvious. For the nightly news on MSM.

I "kinda enjoy"...reading ... (Below threshold)

I "kinda enjoy"...reading stupid shit statements like the kind you just wrote Addison. It gives me more and more confidence that goofballs like you are becoming ever more irrelevant.

[enjoying JFO's Pain]... (Below threshold)

[enjoying JFO's Pain]

Iraq already is a non-issue... (Below threshold)
John S:

Iraq already is a non-issue for this election. (It's the economy stupid.) The anti-war left knows it has already lost its cause and Congress will be silent on the issue this year.

Vulgarity is all JFO offers... (Below threshold)

Vulgarity is all JFO offers.






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