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America's Marines

Remember how San Francisco wouldn't let the Marines Silent Drill Platoon film a commercial on its city streets? A lot of people were very upset at how poorly our Marines were treated. Well, the commercial was eventually filmed after a lot of extra work because of San Francisco city officials' hateful attitude toward the Marines, and it was aired for the first time during Wednesday's American Idol. Here it is:

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin


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God Bless Them.... (Below threshold)

God Bless Them.

Very, very nice.... (Below threshold)

Very, very nice.

Kim,I'm so glad yo... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


I'm so glad you posted this!

As an ad guy, I saw this spot during the first half of the Pack/Giants game and said to myself, "That's really, really ballsy for the Marines and the U.S. gov't to basically take a good-natured shot at S.F."

It was, in a word, brilliant!

Thank God for them.... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Thank God for them.

The Marines win in the end ... (Below threshold)

The Marines win in the end and SF leadership looks like just what it is, --------. Insert your own insult.

Nicely done, although I was... (Below threshold)
mikem Author Profile Page:

Nicely done, although I was hoping they would highlight the incredible team precision more than the commercial does. I saw them at 29 Palms in '72 or '73 and I was holding my breath during much of it. They really are incredible, especially to anyone who has had close order drill and knows how tough it is to get several dozen people to simply march in step let alone the sustained absolute precision movements that the Silent Drill Team does.
Anyone else ever hear the phrase, "Hippity hop, mob stop!!" ?

Remember, these are Marines... (Below threshold)

Remember, these are Marines PLAYING. This is what they do for FUN.

I almost said "imagine what they consider 'work,' but we don't have to imagine it. We've seen it.

Sometimes I wonder if we, as a nation, really deserve the Marines and their loyalty.


The Marines (and all who we... (Below threshold)

The Marines (and all who wear a US uniform) are this Nation... It's my hope that one day, we as a nation adopt the Marine motto..."No better friend, No worse enemy, You Choose...Choose wisely"... like written across the bottom of the US flag...just say'in

Awesome... (Below threshold)


Ooo - rah.... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Ooo - rah.

Sadly, SF is not the only l... (Below threshold)

Sadly, SF is not the only little town with close-minded omphalopsychites. There are more than a few on the West Coast, just none as infamous. Well, there is Berkeley...

Very well done...... (Below threshold)

Very well done...

As the mother of two US Mar... (Below threshold)
Kathleen Powers:

As the mother of two US Marines...I couldn't be prouder of my sons or more disgusted with San Fran. I love this commercial!!
semper fi mama katie

Ironic how many of; The Few... (Below threshold)

Ironic how many of; The Few the Proud, have spilt their blood for San Francisco as well as All of us.






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