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Barack Obama Finally Acknowledges What Republicans Have Always Known About the Clintons

Hillary isn't the only Clinton running for president. Bill is too, and Barack Obama is finally realizing it. Since he's now on the receiving end of Team Clinton's hardball politics, he's acknowledging what Republicans have always known about the Clintons: they will do and say anything to attain power. From Drudge:

EXCLUSIVE: OBAMA RIPS INTO BILL CLINTON MONDAY DURING ABC INTERVIEW WITH 'GOOD MORNING AMERICA' HOST ROBIN ROBERTS... SAYS HE FEELS LIKE HE RUNNING AGAINST BOTH CLINTONS... Bill 'has taken his advocacy on behalf of his wife to a level that I think is pretty troubling. He continues to make statements that are not supported by the facts. Whether it's about my record of opposition to the war in Iraq or our approach to organizing in Las Vegas. This has become a habit and one of the things that we're gonnna have to do is to directly confront Bill Clinton when he's making statements that are not factually accurate'... DEVELOPING....

Added: Here's the story at ABC News.

Bill Clinton has a very long history of making statements that are not factually accurate. When he ran against Bush 41 in 1992, he and Gore repeated the lie that the economy was the worst it had been in fifty years. This was the man who said with a straight face and a wagging finger that he didn't have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. The lies that came from those two were legendary.

It was no accident that the Clintons injected race into this campaign. Juan Williams was on Fox News Sunday today discussing how disgusted he was that the Clintons successfully redefined Barack Obama from a presidential candidate who happens to be black into the black presidential candidate, thereby polarizing the Democratic electorate upon racial lines. The Clintons are nasty people, and for the first time it appears that some Democrats are starting to understand that. Obama is learning the hard way just how low the Clintons will sink to get power.

Update: Michael Tomasky at the Guardian writes about the Clintons' dirty politics. Amazingly, Tomasky makes it sound like Bill Clinton has behaved honorably up until this election:

Clinton may also have paid a price by dint of the fact that this was a dirty, bitter race. Obama didn't completely wrap himself in glory, and he probably erred in praising Ronald Reagan and calling the Republican Party the party of "ideas" in recent American history. But the Clinton campaign twisted those words and a lot more.

I don't know who on this planet has the stature to go face-to-face with Bill Clinton and look him in the eye and tell him he behaved in a discreditable fashion. His wife? His buddy Vernon Jordan? Whoever it is, someone had better stop him. He campaigned against a fellow Democrat no differently than if Obama had been Newt Gingrich. The Clinton campaign may conclude that, numerically and on balance, Bill helped. But, trust me, to the thousands of committed progressives who supported him when he really needed it, who went to the mat for him at his moment of (largely self-inflicted) crisis but who now happen to be supporting someone other than his wife, he's done himself a tremendous amount of damage.

The final price of victory is the splintering of base Democratic voters. African Americans solidified behind Obama, 79-18%. Hispanics, behind Clinton, 64-23%. Young voters went heavily for Obama. Old voters heavily for Clinton. These divisions threaten to flower into schisms. There will be plenty of time to put the pieces back together. But if Clinton becomes the nominee and black voters feel that Obama was treated unfairly ... well, let's imagine that black voter turnout in November is down by 10% in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio. That could mean the difference between victory and defeat in those three states.

Update II: Christopher Hitchens has a must read in which he reminds us of the Clintons' many lies and obfuscations about everything from Bill's many women to Hillary's shifting positions on Iraq and asks this:

What would it take to break this cheap little spell and make us wake up and inquire what on earth we are doing when we make the Clinton family drama--yet again--a central part of our own politics?

Excellent question. Read Hitchens' article.


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Comments (29)

We can only hope that histo... (Below threshold)

We can only hope that history will indeed judge Bill Clinton and his administration as one of the most destructive and harmful in modern times.

It' all about Bill and his ... (Below threshold)

It' all about Bill and his "legacy." It's not about you, or me, or Hillary for that matter.

The dysfunctional couple has a big problem.

Get ready wingnuts the boog... (Below threshold)

Get ready wingnuts the boogie people are coming to get you. What a hoot this election season is.

I'm down with calling out p... (Below threshold)

I'm down with calling out people on their lies, but why do you have to bring his sex life into it Kim?

JFO - "Get ready wingnu... (Below threshold)

JFO - "Get ready wingnuts the boogie people are coming to get you. What a hoot this election season is."

Just a drive-by JFO? Nothing else? I guess we can assume you agree with the clinton's being despicable and willing to pull any campaign trick in the book.


BTW, I'd hardly place anything, or anyone from the Guardian in the "wingnut class."

jp2 - "I'm down... (Below threshold)

jp2 - "I'm down with calling out people on their lies, but why do you have to bring his sex life into it Kim?

Then why are you whining about remarking on the fact that Clinton, with a straight face, looked into the camera and lied?

Because I'm not interested ... (Below threshold)

Because I'm not interested in other peoples sex lives. Other than that, no reason. Why do you care about his sex life? Never understood it; always creeped me out.

jp2The lie was (or w... (Below threshold)

The lie was (or was it "is", or is it "was" ,or is it "is", or was it "was"...well, never mind, you get the point, huh?) about sex. Among other things.

jp2 - "Because I'm not ... (Below threshold)

jp2 - "Because I'm not interested in other peoples sex lives."

So, neither am I. But the only ref in this piece is the lie he told, nothing more.

On the other hand if it were about his sex life there would have been mention of monica slobbering over a presidential knob.

Or slick willie's fish smelling cigar collection.

Are you creeped out enough? Or should I continue?

"So, neither am I"... (Below threshold)

"So, neither am I"

Then why do you care so much about him lying about it?

Not caring actually means not caring - by the level of detail you have conjured in your head regarding the former President's sex life, I'd say it's bordering on obsession.

What a hoot this elec... (Below threshold)

What a hoot this election season is....no doubt about it, JFO. But the joke may be on the Democrats.

The most brittle candidate, Hillary (whose husband is still beyond her control), is facing a candidate in Obama who apparently is not going to go away quietly. Even the Democrat old guard is coming unglued at Bill's unglued behavior.

It's hoot alright....you just don't grasp the fact that they are laughing at you, not with you.

And one more note; Tomasky ... (Below threshold)

And one more note; Tomasky opines....

There will be plenty of time to put the pieces back together.

Wrong. The Clintons are not only burning bridges in this campaign; they are burning the boats. Given their propensity to win at any cost there is no going back. The Democratic Party will rue the day when Team Clinton wins this nomination.

Even Bill Clinton's support... (Below threshold)

Even Bill Clinton's supporters were interested in his sex life, recall the woman columnist who said that she was willing to get on her knees for Bill to thank him for keeping abortion legal. jp2 needs to grow up and abandon obsolete Clinton talking points and realize just how much the Clinton's lack of character has debased political discourse in this country.

So much for feminist... (Below threshold)

So much for feminist movement. Guess Hillary is only as strong as her husband.

"I don't know who on thi... (Below threshold)

"I don't know who on this planet has the stature to go face-to-face with Bill Clinton and look him in the eye and tell him he behaved in a discreditable fashion."

Is this guy SERIOUS? Even the sleaziest grifter has more integrity than the Clintons - something, I might add, that Republicans have known for a long, LONG time.

"It's hoot alright... (Below threshold)
"It's hoot alright....you just don't grasp the fact that they are laughing at you, not with you."
Near as I can tell, they've been doing it since '80, when they put Carter up for President again. They know there's a lot of people who do not question anything a Democrat says, no matter how outrageous, inappropriate, or just plain damaging. You see Pelosi and Reid trying to paint the Surge as a complete and abject failure - before it even got started - and their true believers didn't even question it.

But you know something? It's that sort of unquestioning belief, that passionate intensity of purpose, where anything and EVERYTHING is justifiable in order for your 'team' to win that enables socially destructive madness.

And now we're going to see an ideological split - racial versus feminist politics. Already Oprah's been called a traitor for daring to support a black man over a white woman - how much more interesting will it get? Will we see the two sides whacking each other with signs? If the 'favored' one - whether Obama or Hillary - doesn't get it, will all the anger just go away, or will it lead to riots at the Convention?

Is the madness permanent? Let us hope it isn't.

"Why bring His sex life ... (Below threshold)

"Why bring His sex life into it?"

It would become pertinent when referring to moral character or lack thereof..since He would lie under oath about it even though (it was only about sex) Then what else would or is He capable of lying about that is not just a little old unimportant thing like sex?

Since He was being pursued on sexual assault charges it becomes very relevant to ones ability to be honest.

I couldnt give a rats ass about these losers (HillBillary) and wish they would just go away..But since they are not, its relevant.

I think once a person has h... (Below threshold)

I think once a person has held the office of the presidency they should assume the role of statesman and stay out of daily partisan politics. I don't think HW did any significant public campaigning for his son and I think Bill should follow the same lead for his wife's campaign. I agree that this clown wants to re-write his legacy having been president when history was on vacation and there was ample time for his 'ahem ' diversions. He must be very concerned at this point when he realizes how short the paragraph about his presidency will be in the history books 50 years from now considering the significant events of the administrations that sandwich his. He's quite the tragic character.

Bwhahahahaha.....L... (Below threshold)


Love it when the dems have to eat crow. We told you about the Clintons. Yep, we told you so.

Love getting to say that. ;-)

Again, the dems will contin... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Again, the dems will continue with the "unsually good liar" Bill Clinton. Obama is not the first black candidate who is destroyed by the Clinton machine and the Dem establishment. If the dems are honest about affirmative action, they would have asked all the white liberals to step aside to make room for Obama given the percentage of black vote in the dem. But again, the hypocritical dems are just talk as usual.

I forgot, they want to kill... (Below threshold)
that guy:

I forgot, they want to kill babies, not terrorists. You hear that? Babies not terrorists!

Don't the Clintons know tha... (Below threshold)
Robert in BA:

Don't the Clintons know that winning at all costs is Rove's job?

Americans have always liked... (Below threshold)
John Ryan:

Americans have always liked Bill Clinton. Even during the time of scandal and being found not guilty of the "crimes" for which he was impeachedhis approval ratings were in the high 60s.
The 1 out of 3 that did not like him then are the same 33% who still like Bush.

With supporters like Ryan n... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

With supporters like Ryan no wonder the dems in congress can intentionally with a straight face. Again, the liberal dems cannot be honest about who they are and they have to continue spinning for known liars like Bill Clinton.

"...they will do and ... (Below threshold)

"...they will do and say anything to attain power"

Wow - this after two terms with King George and his his Rasputin Rove, who've attained new lows in willingness to do or say anything for the sake of power?? You are a laugh riot! :-)

Only someone who is so igno... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Only someone who is so ignorant and clueless as "amused" can spout that silly spin from the liberal sew*ge.

Hey, maybe the Clintons cou... (Below threshold)

Hey, maybe the Clintons could steal two elections?

You Bush-lovers can't get o... (Below threshold)

You Bush-lovers can't get over the fact that he lied, he stole from us, he lets innocent people die everyday and he is bringing this country to ruins. Complain all you want about the Clintons, but you don't fool us! You all know Bush is to blame for EVERYTHING. HA!

You poor, poor restless REP... (Below threshold)

You poor, poor restless REPUB's. DO your research - this administration has outspent the Clinton administrarion by hundreds of millions of our(the Americans)middle class hard earned money, while the oil companies are financially raping all of us while reporting record quarterly profits - all in the name of BIG BUSINESS! Which, by the way,is supported by this ridiculous greedy administration! But if you don't care how THEY spend your money - you poor uneducated idiot! Whose money is being conserved, other than their own??? It's not their money they're spending to make more to line their pockets with - you idiot - it is ours! Yet they keep stripping the average American of the benefits of being American - taking away deductions, exemptions from the middle class - yet we are the crucial cogs in the the vital wheel of democracy! Where do you think their self imposed raises are coming from - the magical surplus that Bush has set-aside?

Your infamous REPUB buddy Warren Greenspan - in his book (or can none of you read) states that President Clinton was one of, if not the smartest President in American history! He figured out how to balance all of the economic indicators, which has not been done before! Maybe you are all just jealous of his ability to do just that! Yet you continue to sit and fight a battle for a lying, cheating, unethical president who continues to do his own free will, not even listening to the American people! Bill Clinton has not been in office for seven years, why are you all so worried about him? Why does he still scare you?

Get a grip on reality!!!!!!!






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