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Shocker: The Giants Defeat the Packers in Overtime

The Giants' kicker missed a 37 yard field goal in the last four seconds of the game taking it to overtime. I mean the guy shanked it far left. But after the Giants intercepted a Brett Favre pass, they worked their way back into field goal range. After his his failed 37 yarder, the kicker managed to kick a 47 yard field goal to win the game and earn a spot at the Super Bowl. That was not the outcome I expected. I was hoping for a Tom Brady/Brett Favre match up.

Congratulations to the Giants for a great game, especially in such horrible weather conditions. It was so cold at that game that I felt cold just watching it on TV.


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Considering the "experts" h... (Below threshold)

Considering the "experts" had no clue the Packers were going to get anywhere near 13-3 and in the NFC Championship, I wouldn't call it a shocker since they're the youngest team in the NFL right now.

As a life long Packer fan I... (Below threshold)

As a life long Packer fan I came on here for a change of subject--Urg!

Anybody beating the Packers... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Anybody beating the Packers in OT after the Pack had the ball to start OT, with the first 40+ yard FG EVER given up in Green Bay in a postseason game, after that kicker had shanked two FG attempts for less than 40 yards?

Yeah, that counts as a 'shocker'.

Well done, Giants. Especially the kicker, Lawrence Tynes, who got no love from Coughlin when he missed a FG earlier in the game - Coach Hardass did not even congratulate Tynes for winning the game.

My bad, the first missed FG... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

My bad, the first missed FG attempt was for 43 yards.

First completed field goal ... (Below threshold)

First completed field goal of +40 yards!!!!in Lambeau Field postSeason history.
Tynes has some 'nads. I thought for sure he'd shank a record 3rd try!!!!

Eli sux!!

People still miss the point... (Below threshold)

People still miss the point, the Packers weren't supposed to be here, if you listened to all the so-called experts. The same people who said they had no running game suddenly found out we had Ryan Grant. The same people who were calling for Brett Favre to retire were waxing about his MVP-like season. The same people who predicted we'd finish 4th in our division were stunned to see us go 13-3.

Count me as shocked that we got this far and thankful for such a great season. Albeit the craptacular ending.

I joked to my friends that ... (Below threshold)
Elroy Jetson:

I joked to my friends that Tynes was going to make the 47 yarder in OT because he was too close in his two previous attempts. Well, it turned out I was right. He kicked the crap out of it!
Anyone should realize that this Super Bowl pairing is the ultimate matchup if you saw the last game of the season between these two teams. What an epic game that was (35-31 to those who forgot). It's going to be great. But as a Jet fan, I am confused as to who to root for.

Well done, Giants.... (Below threshold)
Rovin Author Profile Page:
Well done, Giants. Especially the kicker, Lawrence Tynes, who got no love from Coughlin when he missed a FG earlier in the game - Coach Hardass did not even congratulate Tynes for winning the game.

Tynes was definatly a hero here DJ. I also read this morning that Tynes said he didn't even give Coughlin a chance to make up his mind if they would punt or "go for it" on the 4th down. Tynes said he just ran out onto the field and ended it. Now that's balls!

Ditto to Jetson-----this should be a great matchup. The game between these two teams just 22 days ago was fabulous and also propelled the G-Men to a confidence level that they can beat anyone-----well, almost anyone.

As it was <a href="http://w... (Below threshold)

As it was predicted.






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