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I Dunno Why I Expected Better For My State...

As many have noted, New Hampshire is slowly turning blue. The Democrats swept the last elections, keeping the governorship and taking both US House seats and the majority of both houses of the state legislature. I wasn't overly thrilled about it, but I figured basic New Hampshire common sense and distrust of big government would keep the Democrats from screwing things up too badly.

Silly, silly me.

Apparently Democratic lawmakers are immune from basic laws of economics and common sense. They seemed to think that they could jack up the state budget 17.5% in a single year and NOT get into financial trouble.

They weren't quite so stupid as to pass along a massive tax increase to pay for that, so that merely deferred the problem for a little while -- and stuck the state with a deficit (the first in a long time) that's currently projected at $50 million, and could double before the end of the fiscal year.

Naturally, as Chan Eddy points out, it's all President Bush's fault.

It's not the fault of the Democrats in the House and Senate who passed it. It's not the fault of the Democrat in the governor's office (John Lynch, who I voted for twice, but I don't think he'll get a third vote from me this fall). It was that evil, mean, nasty, sneaky George W. Bush who somehow engineered things so that when the state increased the budget by almost 20% without increasing revenues, it would end up with the state going into the hole.

In the old days, when the Republicans ran the state, it was far from perfect. The state didn't offer too much in services, but they didn't promise much, either. And it kept the budget under control. They might have screwed things up, but at least they kept from shackling future generations and legislatures from having to pay for their profligate ways.

If this is progress, include me out.


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I hope George Bush isn't pl... (Below threshold)

I hope George Bush isn't planning on the vilifications to stop when he leaves the Whitehouse if the Democrats win.

He's about to become the biggest scapegoat in history. It will be ironic when you consider Bush went out of his way, imho, to not link the past administration to problems during his early administration, especially on terrorism.

JT, as I said in another co... (Below threshold)

JT, as I said in another comment section, New Hampshire is now considered a suburb of Boston. ww

Could be worse... you could... (Below threshold)

Could be worse... you could live in Maine.

This time next year we will... (Below threshold)

This time next year we will have a new (democrat) President in the White House. Unfortunately, the nation will suffer from Bush's failed policies for years to come.

BG,not taking the bait. ww<... (Below threshold)

BG,not taking the bait. ww

Assuming a Democrate is ele... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Assuming a Democrate is elected president this year, the long standing rule that whatever happens on their watch is their fault won't change. What's new for Democrats, at least, is the standard by which their president will be judged. If the president is wrong on anything they say then they lied. If anything goes wrong in foreign affairs it's because of the president's failed policies. We may get to see how Democrats live under the rules they created to judge Bush.

If only they had built a fe... (Below threshold)

If only they had built a fence along the Massachusetts border . . .

NH = Mini Massachusetts ...... (Below threshold)

NH = Mini Massachusetts .....Duhhhhhh

Live like Mass. -- Die like Mass. New NH lisence plate.

Do Democrats ever take resp... (Below threshold)

Do Democrats ever take responsibility for ANYTHING?! ...lol... libtards live in a dream world.

I use to think about moving to NH from this HELL called mASS. Then I've watched the moonbats around me move up there and poison that state.
Wyoming, Utah, somewhere bright RED here I come.

Time to move to the Souther... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

Time to move to the Southern United States of America. They are still red, and getting redder.






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