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Monday's Ironic Liberal Media Headlines

Clinton, Obama engage in bitter debate -- Associated Press

Um, aren't Democrats supposed to be the "Party of unity and tolerance?" What gives?

* * *
Florida Falls Short in Restoring Felons' Voting Rights -- NPR

Well, the Democrats' chances of winning Florida in November just took a hit.

* * *
EU seeking greener energy but nuclear option fuels dissent -- AFP

Not in my back yard, eh?

* * *
Democrats: I can beat Republican McCain. No, I can -- Reuters

It's gonna' be a long nine months. Wake me when it's over.

* * *


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Comments (3)

Again, you do not have a fi... (Below threshold)

Again, you do not have a firm grip on the definition of "irony."

Enlighten us jp2, what's th... (Below threshold)

Enlighten us jp2, what's the correct definition?

Comment #1 is a fine exampl... (Below threshold)

Comment #1 is a fine example of irony.






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