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Canary In A Coal Mine

From the first time I ever heard it, I've been a fan of the "Jews as canaries" school of thought. This theory of international politics states that when a country or region starts becoming unpleasant for Jews, it's inevitable that it'll soon become hostile to a lot of other people. For some reason, the Jews tend to be the first victims of tyrants and oppressive regimes -- but almost never the last.

With that in mind, I find myself saddened -- but not surprised -- to hear that Venezuela, under thug Hugo Chavez, is starting to make life difficult for its Jewish citizenry. And since Chavez first came to power, one out of four Venezuelan Jews has left the country.

I find myself wondering how Chavez' usual crowd of supporters will spin this development.

Hat tip: National Review.


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"Sultan noted that Tarek... (Below threshold)

"Sultan noted that Tarek al Assaimi, a former far-left student leader whose father was the representative of Saddam Hussein's Baath party in Venezuela, is the deputy Interior and Justice minister in charge of internal security and, as such, could have been involved in initiating the raid."

Bingo! Why am I not surprised that someone aligned with the Baath Party would find his way into such a position in Chavez's regime? Chavez's proclivities against Israel makes him a natural ally of any anti-semitic.

This link to Saddam and the... (Below threshold)

This link to Saddam and the anti-Semitism in Venezuela will only endear Chavez even more to the Kos Kidz and the Huffpo Tyoes.

Hugo's alleged girlfriend (... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Hugo's alleged girlfriend (Naomi Campbell) is hardly a model citizen either, what with her proclivity to beat her underlings with cell phones. Man what a couple...






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